The Poster You Can Conduct

Hungary always has been famous for it’s classical music scene. Although the country still has one of the best classical music concerts in the country, Orchestras are struggling to engage with younger audiences. Hungarian Telekom as a long term sponsor of classical music and Budapest Festival Orchestra assigned Isobar to create a communication that helps to engage new audience and lure them into the concert. Isobar and Posterscope created posters people could conduct. They could give the tempo to the best orchestra in the country. After they played players received a voucher for Budapest Festival Orchestra’s next concert.
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McDonald's Takes a Swipe At Its Rival With Directional Billboards

McDonald’s has more than 1,000 drive-thru locations in France. Burger King has fewer than 20. So, McDonald’s is using this fact to flame-broil its rival in the most absurd fashion—by putting up a huge temporary billboard that gives driving directions to the nearest—very far away—BK drive-thru.
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McDonald's Billboard Near Whistler Gives Snow Reports via Espresso Drink Toppings

Cossette in Vancouver has made another tasty McDonald’s billboard that skiers and snowboarders heading to Whistler will think is pretty gnar.

The ad uses real-time snowfall data to synchronize the whipped cream or foam levels on McDonald’s espresso drinks to the amount of recent snowfall in centimeters at the Whistler Blackcomb resort.

The billboard is on Highway 99 in Squamish, B.C., en route to the mountain. It has been running for the full month of February.

Cossette did something somewhat similar last February with a digital billboard for the Egg McMuffin, showing the sandwich rising into view just like the sun in the morning.

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DIY Brand Creates Peruvian Billboard Stop For Tired Drivers

South American home improvement brand Sodimac has launched an altruistic experiential campaign to give weary drivers a comfortable spot to rest on a Peruvian highway.

The brand created a rest stop around its billboard that aims to bring drivers the comforts of home. Tired travellers can park under the sign for free and take a nap in a sheltered garage, which is decorated like a bedroom and features 24/7 security, free wi-fi and sleep masks.

The rest stop concept was devised to combat the large amount of road accidents that happen in Peru due to driver fatigue. A high proportion of these occur on the Panamericana Sur Highway – the long stretch of road from Lima to the Chilean border that features nothing but billboards and unscenic flatlands.

Sodimac enlisted agency McCann Lima to launch the initiative.

Video below:

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KitKat: The World’s First Massage Billboard

There is an ever lasting battle for agencies and brands to create the next big billboard, not just in awards speak, but because Adshells/Billboards are being reinvented every day, with custom installations and technology being baked in be media owners and agencies alike.
And this one is awesome. The World’s First Massage Billboard from KitKat. With a bunch of locations across Columbia, anyone tweeting about being stressed, tired or or just needing a break, was replied to with a message from KitKat and location details of where to find one of their special Massage Billboards.
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Honey Nut Cheerios Living Billboard Filled With Bees

The cereal brand built a three-story structure that spells out “Made with Real Honey” using working hives

Honey Nut Cheerios is celebrating its real honey ingredient with a living billboard home to more than 100,000 honeybees. The three-story free-standing structure features the words “Made with Real Honey,” spelled out using the honey produced from working hives by filling clear letters on the exterior.
Ten hives were used to produce around 25 gallons of honey for this project, with three hives located on the third floor of the billboard and a further seven placed nearby. The living billboard was constructed on the property of Diamond P Farm and Ranch, just outside of Orlando in Florida.
The unique advertisement was created to show that Honey Nut Cheerios taste great because they are made with real honey. The brand wanted a billboard that showcased the cereal’s key ingredient and did more than simply broadcast a message. The honeybees were supplied in partnership with Brent Dickson and his family, who are local Orlando bee-keepers. Jared Pippin, senior associate marketing manager at General Mills, said:
“Honey is more than just an ingredient – it’s the flavor at the heart of Honey Nut Cheerios. And that’s why we thought there was no better way to explain just how real the honey is that goes into Honey Nut Cheerios than by physically showing it. We wanted to honor the honeybees and show our support for the dedicated beekeepers who love honey just as much as we do.”
Honey Nut Cheerios also partnered with local Orlando chef Joseph Burnett to create customized recipes with real honey for a special event that celebrated the cereal and its key ingredient. He shared his expertise of incorporating local and sustainable ingredients to create classic home-style dishes enjoyed by attendees as they explored the honey installation. The bee-filled billboard was on display and the honey was also used to create a limited number of special edition boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios. You can check out the living billboard in the video below:
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Xbox "Rise of the Tomb Raider: survival billboard"

To celebrate the launch of Tomb Raider Posterscope, in collaboration with the creative agency M:United and PR agency Edelman, did something quite crazy.
A few weeks ago we ran ads containing purely Terms & (Horrible) Conditions on Outdoor (in gyms and student unions) and digital billboards. These directed people through to the Survival Billboard website where people were able to solve a tricky capture puzzle and provide reasons why they deserve to face the Billboard.
We had towards 2,000 applicants, which were then narrowed down to 8 specially chosen people with varying characteristics.
From 1pm on the 12th November, we put 8 contestants up there and we started to fire varying degrees of wind, rain, snow and heat at them for up to 24hours which was controlled by the public through a voting system. What’s more this it was all live streamed to the internet on , it was also streamed to the Birmingham Eyes, Manchester Printworks digital OOH screens.

This Interactive Digital Billboard Warns What's Around the Corner

This incredible interactive digital billboard was used on a street corner in Stockholm to advertise Samsung’s new Galaxy 6s Edge. The phone has a wrap-around screen that goes from edge to edge, providing live notifications on the edges of the phone. To mimic this technological design, the billboard was created to wrap around the bottom of a corner of a building. There was a connected screen that was displayed to both connecting streets.
As people walked by, the screen flashed warnings about what was “around the edge,” flashing phrases like, “I hope you’re a dog person” before a dog walked around the corner or “Make way for latte mom” when a mother pushing a stroller with a latte walked around.
This amazed people and caused many to stop and stare, trying to figure out how the interactive digital billboard worked. Little did they know, an editorial team across the street in a cafe was choosing the phrases. This publicity stunt was a creative way to advertise the notification capabilities of Samsung’s new phone.
Video here:
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Undress This 'Dating Naked' Billboard on Hollywood's Busiest Corner

When it comes to promoting the return of its nude dating competition series, Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps, VH1 has found that less—much less—is more.
The network is following up this week’s jumping-naked-in-slow-motion ad with another opportunity to see naked people in all their (slightly obscured) glory. On Friday, the network will unveil an interactive Dating Naked billboard at the bustling corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue in Los Angeles.
The sign will initially feature a fully-clothed image of this season’s two suitors, Chris Aldrich and Kerri Cipriani. But throughout the day, brand ambassadors will encourage passerby to “strip” down the poster, peeling away a series of tabs to reveal a naked image of the duo underneath. They’ll also be encouraged to take photos of the billboard as the day goes on and post them on social media.
Each tab will also include the chance to win naked-themed prizes, including health, beauty and body products, as well as a getaway to Terra Cotta Inn, the clothing-optional Palms Springs, Calif., resort.
“Over the course of a day, you can peel off tabs and reveal them in their truest self,” said Caralene Robinson, evp, marketing, VH1. Once the ad has been fully “stripped,” it will reveal a new photo in which “Chris and Kerri will be nude, and you’ll have little color blocks on their bits.” VH1 expects it will take a day to peel off all the layers. The billboard will then remain “uncovered” for two weeks.
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A clever billboard that helps you parallel park

How easy would it be to parallel park if you always had a friend to help you—even when you were driving alone?

Well help is at hand…a Fiat billboard in Germany uses a digital screen with special software and sensors to measure how far a driver’s rear bumper is from the car behind it, and then projects a synchronised image of a human helping to guide a driver to park—just like a passenger might get out and do.

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]PDwHYILZyd0[/youtube]

It’s a simple, clever concept, to promote Fiat’s Parking Assist technology, an alarm system that warns drivers in reverse of objects behind them. The billboard even offers a range of different playful avatars for the computerised assistant—a biker, a child, a wise old-man. And the brand’s marketing team couldn’t resist designing one of them—a woman in a skimpy bunny outfit—to appeal to the leering set.

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