Google's Berlin lightshow comes to life

Google has set up its lightshow at the Berlin Festival of Lights that uses energy from people’s footsteps.
The installation, which measures 26 sqm, gives people a chance to capture their experience in the form of a GIF.
Pavegen is behind the activation which creates energy and data out of the kinetic energy of the footsteps. Google’s media agency OMD brokered the deal with Pavegen, and Fuse handled the activation.
The annual Berlin Festival of Lights runs until 15 October.
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This photo booth surprised women with pictures that mirror domestic violence statistics

Facial recognition software has come a long way since researchers began programming computers to pick out human features in the mid-’60s.
A recent project by the Berlin offices of DDB in collaboration with women’s rights group Terre Des Femmes found a new, shocking application for the technology: highlighting the prevalence of domestic violence.
Violence perpetrated against domestic companions remains a worldwide epidemic. In 2014, the National Network to End Domestic Violence estimated that 3 American women die at the hands of their own intimate partners every day. 1 in4 German women experience it at some point in their lives.
DDB shone a light on that fact with the help of a Berlin fixture—the photo booth, or photoautomat.

They created a customized booth, which “applied bruises” to one of four female faces in each relevant photo set to mirror the statistic mentioned above.
The collaboration promoted the work of Terre Des Femmes or “Women’s Earth,” a nonprofit based in Hamburg that works with other such groups around the world in efforts to prevent still-common practices like forced prostitution, arranged marriages and female genital mutilation.
“Domestic violence is a major problem in Germany. It affects one in four women at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, most people don’t know about this,” said the group’s managing director, Christa Stolle. “With this photo booth activation, we clearly demonstrated how serious the problem is, and show that we all can do something to change this picture: by spreading information, by supporting the victims, by sharing this video.”
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Mexico Board of Tourism makes a cloud that rains tequila during Berlin's rainiest month

As part of a tasty new tourism campaign, ad agency Lapiz just made Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs a reality. But instead of soup and juice, this futuristic cloud rains something altogether more buzzy—tequila.
Lapiz, a unit of Leo Burnett, used ultrasonic humidifiers to vibrate tequila at a frequency that actually turned it into visible mist. This mist was then condensed into liquid form, which fell as raindrops. All of this happened as a special exhibit in Berlin, Germany, during the rainiest month of the year—to promote Mexico as a vacation destination.
In an added twist, Lapiz programmed the cloud to rain only when it rained in Berlin, which the agency says was frequently during the time of the exhibit.
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Mercedes ‘Key to Viano’ Campaign

The ‘Key to Viano’ campaign allowed passersby to control digital billboard content in Berlin underground station Friedrichstrasse, by pressing the button on their remote car keys. If anyone captured the film clip on the OOH screen while it showed a Viano with a chauffeur they won a chauffeur-driven ride to their destination.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]d9PIgi1CnK0[/youtube]
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