Posterscope Belgium publish their 2018 OOH overview document

Posterscope Belgium, post an annual overview guide to the OOH marketplace.
This is their summary for 2018 covering the Belgium and Luxembourg regions.
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Posterscope Belgium create pop-up store for Cubanisto

To promote the Cubanisto’s ’House of Mask’ parties everywhere in Belgium, AB Inbev, Vizeum, Isobar, Urban Media and Posterscope created a pop-up store during December in Brussel’s city center, with a custom-made branded storefront. People were invited to try out the new rum flavoured premium beer, inspired by the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean.
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Orange surprise customers in Antwerp with gifts from giant claw machine

At the end of 2017, Posterscope Belgium helped Orange to surprise its customers with gifts and promotions during the festive period. Each person who made a purchase at Orange’s store in Antwerp was presented with a chance to play the giant  240m² claw crane on the front of the store. Each present successfully grabbed contained a code, which customers could then use to redeem gifts in-store.
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Posterscope Belgium work with AB InBev and Clear Channel on largest ever holographic projection

Belgian Beer brand Jupiler showcases its newly designed sleek can on the largest outdoor holographic projection ever.  The projection was integrated onto a banner measuring 700 m², located on the Oudevaartplaats, in the heart of Antwerp
The campaign, which took place from 8 to 28 November 2017, was a collaboration between AB InBev, Adrenaline Studio, Posterscope, Urban Media and Clear Channel.
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Belgium Pop-up Launches New Mercedes Models

Posterscope Belgium created a pop-up showroom to support the launch of the new Mercedes AMG GT and GLE COUPE. Located in the very heart of Knokke, one of Belgium’s most upscale seaside resorts, the showroom was accessible during the whole summer to let the public experience the AMG spirit. The showroom also featured an information desk as well as a photobooth where visitors could pose before having their picture uploaded onto the AMG Performance Store’s dedicated website.
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Nutella pancakes pop-up stand celebrates Candlemas day

In Belgium, it’s a tradition to eat pancakes on Candlemas day, so to celebrate this event, Posterscope and Ferrero created a top topical “pop-up stand” in Brussels, where people could queue to get a free Nutella pancake.
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Agency Crowdsources ‘Selfie Speeding Signs’ to Display on Interactive Billboards

Would a billboard better get your attention if it pictured a friend, family member, or even yourself? That’s the idea behind a new campaign collecting selfies to deter speeding.

In Belgium, they use happy (and sad) faces on their speed limit signs. The signs, which react in real time to drivers’ speeds, display a happy face when the driver is within the limit and a sad face when the driver exceeds the limit.
While that’s already far more interesting than the signs in America, Antwerp-based Duval Guillaume, working with local government, has taken things a step further. Enter the Selfie Speeding Sign.
A poster campaign urged local residents to upload two photos of themselves. One with a happy face and one with a sad face.
The images were then placed on additional interactive billboards equipped with a speed sensor. If passing drivers are within the speed limit, they’ll see a smiling selfie. If they exceed the limit, they’ll see a sad selfie.
The agency has set it up so that the images only appear on boards near where the person submitting the selfie lives, so as to pretty much guarantee that the pictured person and all their family members will be out and about to see the board, take a picture of it and share it on social media.
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The Football Machine

For the launch of its special Knacki FootBall – small meat balls that look like footballs – Herta placed a vending machine that offers these meat balls for free. But what people didn’t know, was that they had to play a match against the Belgian football legend, Leo Van Der Elst, inside the vending machine. Discover how people reacted when they found out that they had to play in the world’s smallest football stadium.
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PlayStation: The Electric Shock Machine

Playstation have created an installation that challenges people to insert their fingers into a machine that shock them, as a stunt to promote the new ‘inFAMOUS: Second Son’ game.
People step right up, insert their fingers into the holes in the machine, before it charges up and starts increasing the shock over 5 long seconds… If you make it all the way, you win the new game! Great stunt for Playstation Belgium, created by TBWA.
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Via: Digital Buzz Blog

Taste the Brightside With Lipton Ice Tea in Belgium

Last month in Brussels, on the Place Louise, passersby were invited to sit down on deckchairs and enjoy the sun and music while promoters distributed some ice cold Lipton Ice Tea cans and yellow sunglasses…  inviting them to start the summer taking selfies and sharing them on social media. Free Wi-Fi was also provided.
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