'Beerplugs' help festival go-ers monitor their drinking

Loud music affects your hearing, but studies have proven it also makes you drink faster, and larger quantities, leading to festival go-gers getting drunk faster, potentially missing the festival highlights. Not to mention the hangover the day after!
With this in mind, Tuborg created the Beer Plugs – the best way to enjoy music and beer – for longer. The beer plugs help to protect hearing, whilst still allowing partygoers to enjoy the music and be more conscious of their drinking.
A great festival, a good gig, an awesome night at your favourite club: there always is a good reason to drink with respect.
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New Zealanders can help the beach sand shortage…by drinking beer

DB Breweries and Colenso BBDO New Zealand previously empowered beer drinkers to help save the planet with “Brewtroleum,” the 2015 Cannes Grand Prix-winning idea that turned brewing yeast into biofuel. Now, they’ve come up with another eco-friendly idea that transforms beer bottles into a substance that’s in treacherously short supply: sand.
The world, it turns out, the world is suffering from a shortage of sand — the kind that can safely be used for the construction of buildings — so much so that there’s even a black market for it. So in their latest earth-nurturing idea, the marketer and agency have devised a viable substitute for the disappearing resource, DB Export Beer Bottle Sand.
Together, they’ve built several machines that will turn empty DB bottles into sand substitute. Once they’ve finished their brew, drinkers deposit their bottles into the machine, which will employ miniature steel hammers to reduce each vessel into 200 grams of the sand in just five seconds. A vacuum system removes the extraneous plastic labels and silica dust from the usable material.
That, it turns out, was one of the biggest challenges. “Separating plastic labels from the bottles in the crushing process was a real head-scratch moment,” Colenso Senior Art Director Andre Sallowicz told Creativity. “Ensuring the machine wasn’t a trinket but an industrial quality piece of kit was always the aim and we’re proud we achieved that.”
The idea is meant to help reduce New Zealand’s dependence on beach-derived sand for construction projects. DB Breweries is currently in the midst of securinig a two-year deal to supply its sand to DryMix, New Zealand’s biggest bagged concrete producer. The brewery will also be supplying the sand to national roading, commercial and residential construction projects.
“We can’t solve the problem alone but we knew we could do more to help,” said DB Breweries Marketing Director Sean O’Donnell in a statement. “Our ambition is to help drive more recycling whilst looking out for the beaches which are an integral part of our Kiwi DNA. We’re proud to launch an initiative that can help us do our bit to protect our beaches for future generations.”
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Heineken's UEFA Countdown

To build excitement and show support around the UEFA Champions League, Heineken have been running a digital countdown to make sure commuters are aware of key match times.
The creative features a bottle of Heineken under stadium spotlights with the message “It’s time to champion the match tonight”. The playing teams are displayed next to a live countdown until the match starts.
The campaign was created by Starcom, Liveposter and Posterscope.
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San Juan Beer "Where is my Otorongo?"

For decades, SABMIller’s San Juan beer has been, by far, the favorite beer of the Peruvian Amazon region. Since its launch, a jaguar known as “otorongo”, native to the region, has been its symbol. Sadly, due to deforestation and poaching, the otorongo is now a species in danger of extinction. There are only 6.000 otorongos left in Peru. In order to change this situation, during the hugely popular February carnival, San Juan removed the jaguar from its labels and replaced it with a dog, a pig, a cow and even a rooster. Only 6 thousand bottles with the picture of the otorongo were left, for the purpose of mirroring the problem. Reactions came quickly, ranging from surprise to indignation.
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Heineken's Hilarious Football Prank

Yeah, pranks are a bit passé. But a good one is still plenty entertaining, and this Heineken stunt from Publicis Italy is worth it—because the victim, who awesomely thinks he’s the one being secretive, is so amusing to watch.

The setup is simple: Simone, a huge soccer fan, usually watches UEFA Champions League games with his buddies at home. But suddenly he finds himself in possession of a single ticket to the A.S. Roma-Real Madrid match on Feb. 17.

What should he do? Take the ticket and enjoy the game in person, or stick to tradition and watch at home with his three friends? For Heineken, this is “The Dilemma.”

Unlike some stunts, this one just feels real. And the guy’s reactions are very funny.

“With thousands of people watching, the whole thing was orchestrated around an entirely unaware guy,” one of the Publicis creatives tell us. “One take at Olympic Stadium right before the Roma vs. Real Madrid match, no chance to make the second attempt—and not a single actor, all for real.”

The victim was a good sport about it in the end, even letting the brand share his personalFacebook page as extra proof of the ad’s authenticity.

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Frozen Foosball With Coors Light

Coors Light created the world’s first “Frozen Foosball” table. The hotter the game gets, the bigger the refreshment.
Video below:
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Agency: Bravo/Y&R Miami.
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If Carlsberg Did Christmas Trees…

Carlsberg unveiled a beer dispensing Christmas Tree for one day only with glass shaped boubles for passers by to drink from.
The first 100 customers got to take away a ‘beerble’ and throughout the day people were encouraged to have a ‘hoppy’ christmas, drinking from the free and engage in social media competitions to win even more prizes.
It follows on from the beer dispensing billboard that appeared in Shoreditch recently as Carlsberg look to kick start their ‘if Carlsberg did…’ campaigns again with ‘If Carlsberg did Christmas Trees’.
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Heineken: It’s Your Call

Heineken and creative agency Rothco, Dublin shows you what happens when you take one of rugby’s biggest legends and hide him inside a prize machine in a Dublin pub.
Jonah Lomu, whose 15 Rugby World Cup tries propelled him to legend status in the game was taking part in a promotional campaign for beer company Heineken in the run up to this year’s tournament.
Guests at Harry Byrnes pub were the first to get a taste of the unpredictability of the coin flip, with Lomu hiding inside what they thought was a regular vending machine, and offering up some customised gifts that left everyone scratching their heads.
Ireland rugby hero Shane Horgan was on hand to reveal the true identity of the contents of the vending machine – much to the surprise and amusement of the rugby fans.
The campaign gives rugby fans the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be at the pre-match coin toss at an Ireland match during the tournament this autumn, right next to the team captains, moments before the game kicks-off.
Lomu said: “This Heineken video was a lot of fun to shoot. The Irish are known for their sense of humour across the world, so I was delighted to put that to the test. Seeing people’s faces as they tried to figure out what was going on was a real highlight.”
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Heineken brings Rugby stars to digital OOH

Heineken, one of the worldwide partners of the Rugby World Cup, is using Motion@Waterloo in its multi-platform OOH campaign. The creative features clips from the TV spot featuring famous Rugby players Jonah Lomu and John Smit.
The campaign was planned and booked by Starcom MediaVest Group and Posterscope.

Strongbow Cloudy Apple Cider engages using OOH and experiential

The launch of Heineken’s new Strongbow cloudy cider, the biggest alcohol launch in 2015, is being supported by a national campaign on OOH, TV, mobile and social media.
As part of the widespread OOH activity, which also includes a Cromwell Road special build and banners as well as traditional formats, there is experiential activity – involving a modern take on the classic fairground ‘buzzer’ game.
A bespoke interactive Strongbow Archer’s lightning bolt will tour around the UK giving participants the opportunity to play the game of guiding a ring down the lightning without touching it to complete the challenge in the quickest time possible. The game play will be connected to existing Digital OOH and bought in screens, and as the player progresses, motions sensors on the lightning bolt trigger relevant content on screen. Tying in with campaign creative we use sound and dynamic content to create the effect of a storm building on screen. As the player reaches the end of the game a crack of lighting shoots across the screen, igniting a glass of the new Strongbow Cloudy Apple cider with life.
A site specific and regional leader board element will also feature, based on time taken to complete the game. Participants will be able to access this remotely via a microsite which can link to social channels.
This campaign, which connects the digital world with real life physical experiences,  not only captures the imagination of consumers, whilst bringing to life the creative concept but it also uses the strengths of OOH to amplify experiences to the mass public.
The campaign was created by psLIVE, Posterscope and SMG.
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