Becks surprises passengers waiting for baggage at Frankfurt Airport

German beer brand, Becks, surprised travellers at Frankfurt Airport with a crate of beer on the luggage belt. This refreshing PR stunt was designed to celebrate the launch of three new types of beer Amber Lager, 1873 Pils and Pale Ale.  It transpires that, due to alcohol restrictions,  the beer is not genuine but it still created a high buzz amongst social media with the waiting travellers posting onto facebook and Twitter.
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Beck'speriment challenge men to keep their partner in a shop

Shopping, possibly the longest and most excruciating time in a man’s life, especially if its not shopping for them. But would you be able keep your partner inside a clothing store for a whole hour to win a truck full of Beck’s beer?
The experiment was set up by Beck’s to highlight the benefit of compromising in a relationship, the quirky challenge was for men to keep their partner in a women’s designer clothing store for a whole hour. The rules were simple, they weren’t allowed to tell their partner about the challenge and if their partner left the shop before the hour they lost.
It’s a fantastic stunt that shows just what men would do for a truck full of beer and who wears the pants in the relationship.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]JC3j4CLZu4I[/youtube]
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World's First Touch-Sensitive Playable Posters

In New Zealand, beer brand Beck’s has created ‘the world’s first playable poster’:
The world-first technology uses touch-sensitive conductive ink and a flat-panel speaker to deliver the sound.
The playable poster, at present in an ‘experimental’ phase, has been created to promote local musicians. According to the video, they’ll be appearing on ‘popular music street poster sites’ and at Beck’s venues around the country throughout May – dubbed ‘New Zealand Music Month’.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]EAtpwfWeUfY[/youtube]
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Becks, art, Facebook and OOH

To celebrate Becks 25-year association with the artistic community, Posterscope UK and Vizeum connected social media and OOH through a Facebook competition that invited artists of the future to submit their own Beck’s label design.  The six winning entries were then painted live on a series of mural sites in East London while digital screens integrated into bus shelters displayed interviews with some of the artists, local information on participating venues and competitions to win some art.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]rL8_yxkTmhQ[/youtube]

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