Munich turned into a giant polling booth

For the UEFA 2012 final, adidas, sponsors of both finalists FC Bayern München and Chelsea FC, turned Munich into a giant polling booth. Fans in Munich (and globally via avatars) selected their teams through a series of ‘choices’ within a designated competition zone, such as pressing a button on a storefront, taking a certain set of subway stairs and even which ice cream sprinkles or coffee cup they choose. Votes were tallied and updated in real-time to a dedicated micro-site, whilst a vast 3D animated projection on a shopping centre facade showed the teams’ popularity ranking. More than 300,000 football fans participated in choosing their team….and you can bet it wasn’t Chelsea.
The project, created by Posterscope Germany, Carat, Heimat and partners, involved a number of layers covering CG graphic creation, app development, live-website streaming, video projection mapping, a few dashes of creativity, and a few million football fans.