Carlsberg Turned Bar Taps into Controllers for an Interactive In-Pub Game

Taking inspiration from bars being hubs for social activity, Carlsberg created beer taps that were able to bring people together in another way. Customers were encouraged to take photos of themselves and post them to Instagram with the #BarBandits tag, which was connected to a TV screen hosting a game in the bar.
Each time the Carlsberg beer tap was used, it acted like the arm of a lottery machine, setting off an animation on screen to have three identical Instagram photos show up on the screen of the TV. When three matching photos showed up on-screen, the Instagram user was able to claim a free Carlsberg beer at the bar. Naturally, with more people in the bar taking pictures, the chances of winning get slimmer, but it’d still be fun to play.
The campaign was created by Danish agency Konstellation
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]117473098[/vimeo]
Via: Trendhunter