Banks's Beer transforms disused building into a giant advent calendar

Banks’s Beer, the Marston’s-owned brand, is turning a disused building into a giant Advent calendar.
Each of the 25 windows will feature Christmas-themed graffiti design and commentary, revealing “the things we’re all thinking, but don’t dare to say”.
“Tells Christmas like it is” will be in Wolverhampton, the home of Marston’s, and aims to engage a younger audience. It has been created by Martin Gillan at Big Al’s Creative Emporium.
Gaynor Green, marketing manager at Marston’s, said: “While Banks’s remains proud of its rich heritage, our focus has been to give the brand a new lease of life by appealing to a fresh audience.
“Throughout the past year, the ‘Tells it like it is’ campaign has gone from strength to strength in capturing the brand’s modern and ambitious stance, and this latest instalment takes the idea to new heights.”

Via: Campaign Live