Audi and BMW engage in a billboard war

BMW started a war with Audi by mounting an outdoor banner right in front of Audi’s showroom. The banner read, “It’s never too late to change your mind.”
So Audi, responded with another banner right behind BMW’s one saying: “LOOOOL, you don’t change from a winning brand.”
The “LOOOOL” showed in Audi’s banner was created using its rings in the logo.
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Volkswagen creates the bowling brake to showcase braking speeds

Volkswagen wanted to make people aware of safety in a full and engaging way, so they headed for the local bowling centre.  In conjunction with agency Almap BBDO, Brazil, they created specially adapted balls with magnets inserted which ‘broke’ just before reaching the balls  bringing to life the speed of cars and the need to brake suddenly when driving in cities.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]lw6S73ercLM[/youtube]
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Brilliant Outdoor Billboards Show Just how Many Items a Car can Pack

Toronto-based advertising agency Grip Limited has created some brilliant outdoor billboards for Honda.
To promote the 2015 Honda Fit, Grip Limited wanted to show the world just how many things the boot of the compact Honda Fit could pack in.
In two separate executions, the contents in the car are exposed to showcase an overwhelming amount of things: camping gear, a canoe, a guitar, a bicycle, just to name a few. The objects may seem too large and like there’s too much, but it all seems to fit in perfectly.
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The Smallest 'Parking' Space

We often come across larger-than-life billboard ads on the streets, but the Spanish agency Contrapunto BBDO has come up with a clever and unconventional way of making use of a smaller space.
Instead of using the space in front of the billboard, the agency transformed the often overlooked side of one into an ad space.
The logo of Mercedes’ smart car can be seen, along with the tagline, “There is always a space”. The agency brilliantly made use of this compact space to show the benefits of driving a smaller vehicle.
Although many agencies think that having bigger attention-grabbing ads will capture the eye of consumers, this agency shows that effective advertising comes with creatively making use of different types of spaces.
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