Posterscope and Vizeum Australia roll out OOH mural series for Jameson

Vizeum and OOH specialist agency Posterscope have teamed up with Apparition Media to roll-out a unique Out-of-Home mural series promoting Jameson Irish Whiskey.
The murals, situated at eight locations throughout Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, depict Jameson’s iconic artwork featuring its famous bottle alongside the Jameson family motto of ‘Sine Metu’ (Latin, meaning ‘without fear’).
Valeria Catterini, senior brand manager, Jameson Irish Whiskey said: “We are incredibly impressed with the Apparition Media approach to Out-of-Home advertising. The hand painted billboards are disruptive and add an element of intrigue for passers-by during the painting process. Working with Apparition and the very talented artists allows us to behave differently in this traditional media channel and bring to life the Jameson ‘Sine Metu’ campaign in a new and exciting way.”
Lewis Stewart, group business director at Vizeum said: “Our approach for the Jameson campaign was to build a sense of crafted authenticity through our communications.”
“Using Apparition, we were able to transform the traditional Out-of-Home experience into a delivery mechanism which showcases high quality, in cherry-picked environments, that enables us to talk to our consumer in a unique and creative way.”
Posterscope handpicked locations that were both popular and high-traffic such as Surry Hills NSW, Fortitude Valley QLD, and Melbourne’s CBD.
Elliot Devine, business director at Posterscope said, “Jameson challenged Posterscope with thinking outside of traditional Out-of-Home channels to elevate the Jameson brand. Working closely with Vizeum and Apparition we selected the most impactful and relevant sites to elevate the brand and align with the Jameson Motto ‘Sine Metu’ – without fear. It’s exciting when a brand challenges the medium to come up with really creative executions!”
The series, created by Apparition Media and inspired by Jameson’s iconic artwork, includes three variations of the same design.
Says Tyson Hunter of Apparition Media: “Jameson is a brand we have dreamt about working with since we started this business. It was one of those brands that we knew would fit the medium perfectly and we are very excited that we got the opportunity to work with them on this campaign.”
Each mural will be up for five weeks.

'Twin Peaks' posters with a creepy hidden message have been popping up around Australia

Twin Peaks has a message for you if you’re Down Under.
The Showtime revival series has been advertised in a number of “Missing” posters — some featuring Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) and some featuring the creepy Bob (Frank Silva). As a nod to the international reach of the original series, the posters have been popping up in Australia.
The phone number listed at the bottom is for an Australia hotline, which actually works for Australian callers. We can hear Angelo Badalmenti’s iconic theme music at the beginning and then some backwards audio of the variety that we could hear in the Black Lodge’s Red Room.
“Twin Peaks” picks up 25 years after the events of the original series. Very little is known about the plot, but Kyle MacLachlan is returning along with a slew of other original cast members. All 18 episodes have been directed by David Lynch, who co-wrote the series with Mark Frost.
The first two episodes will premiere back to back on Sunday, May 21 at 9 p.m.
Check out the video to hear what the hidden message is once it’s played in reverse
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]yVs4c1DWr3Y[/youtube]
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'Tap to be a life saver' with Surf Life Saving Australia

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) has launched the latest installment of its “Be a Lifesaver” campaign with an Out-of-Home execution by JCDecaux, using ‘Tap and Go’ technology, that asks passers-by to ‘play’ a part in saving lives and make a donation.
SLSA and JCDecaux have partnered to deliver this ‘playful’ take on a serious issue via an interactive execution that aims to raise awareness, as well as much needed funds, for the iconic Aussie charity.
The custom-built, arcade-style game Innovate digital touchscreen panels, located at Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach, aims to attract beach-goers to the cause with a ‘Whack-a-mole’ inspired game. Lights and music are used to engage passers-by, who are encouraged to donate $1.99 using Tap and Go technology.
The panel features eight  ‘hands-up’ icons that also appear in swim safety signage and the SLSA’s “Be a Lifesaver” campaign. The aim of the game is to ‘save’ as many swimmers as possible in 30 seconds by tapping the waving figure icon as it lights up and beat the highest score. After engaging with the game, users are prompted to donate on the spot.
Typically a game of skill that rewards the player with tickets or tokens for achieving a high score, SLSA’s Innovate panel reward participants with the knowledge that they have ‘played’ a part in saving a life by making a donation.
“Rewarding audience engagement with real value is essential to any successful interactive outdoor campaign. Combining gaming with Tap and Go donation technology is a win-win scenario,” said Alan Klein, Head of Creative Solutions, JCDecaux. “We’re proud to provide an easy and rewarding way for people to donate today to Surf Life Saving Australia.”
Surf Life Saving Australia CEO Melissa King said: “This special build outdoor campaign provides an engaging experience for the community and not only helps raise awareness but also much needed funds.
“Support from JCDecaux in trialing this new technology for our campaign has been amazing and we hope the community will jump on board,play and donate. This is the third year JCDecaux has provided pro bono support for our national ‘Be A Life Saver’ campaign.”

Via: JCDecaux Australia

‘Wait with a Mate’ by The Lost Dog's Home

GPY&R Melbourne and JCDecaux have developed a new interactive billboard for The Lost Dogs’ Home that allows commuters waiting for a train to ‘play fetch’ with an energetic virtual pooch.
The ‘Wait with a Mate’ campaign is a fully immersive experience that tracks throwing motions via an in-built sensor and accordingly triggers a digital ball’s throw. Once the dog has retrieved it, a real ball with adoption information gets dispensed at participants’ feet.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]SfeKFnoSUpY[/youtube]
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BMW Bring Their Rugby Partnership To Light With Outdoor

Under the guidance of media agency Vizeum and Outdoor specialists Posterscope, BMW have strategically planned the Outdoor arm of their campaign around the upcoming matches across the country with creative flexibility in response to the match times and results. This Outdoor element fits into a greater strategy engaged by BMW and celebrates their continued affiliation and sponsorship of The Wallabies.
The campaign has engaged multiple Outdoor formats including static and digital billboards as well as airport media, namely APN Outdoor’s LUX Collection, Elite Screens and Sydney Airport Lightboxes.
These assets have been selected to impact rugby fans and general consumers on the go throughout the Rugby season, with specific activity focused around the three-Test series in June, throughout the Bledisloe Cup and the Rugby Championship later this year in September.
“Working with APN Outdoor, we have the opportunity to target Wallabies supporters on their way to and from matches. We can change the message dynamically and alter the messaging from city to city. It helps us to ensure we are delivering relevant messaging to our core audience” said Stuart Jaffray, BMW Australia’s general manager – marketing.
APN Outdoor is Australia and New Zealand’s most progressive Outdoor advertising company; leaders in the Digital Billboard, Billboard, Transit, Rail and Airport advertising categories. Whilst dominating traditional outdoor formats, the company also maintains particular focus on growing and developing their digital portfolio, establishing APN Outdoor as the unrivaled leaders in this space.
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Sunscreen Dispenser Grabs the Attention of Passers By

Cancer Institute NSW and JCDecaux Australia have teamed up to create custom-built SPF50+ sun screen dispensers, in addition to bus shelter wraps that shade commuters from damaging UV rays. The unique dispenser mechanism is designed to grab the attention of passers-by, playfully engaging them with a serious sun safety message.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]ngnzvqN80hg[/youtube]
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Tourism Victoria Uses Melbourne as a Playing Field; Live Streams Games

This campaign takes form as game, using a ball with a smartphone embedded in it, designed to be passed around Melbourne with the footage live streamed.
The games will take place through December and January and will be hosted by Melbourne Periscope star Adam Cinemre.
As Periscope is a two-way platform, audiences will be able to ask questions in real time and help guide the game play towards what they want to see in Melbourne.
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne interactive creative director Ben Keenan said the ball has been given an “access all areas” pass to the city of Melbourne.
“Periscope gives us a nimble way to show people anywhere in the world some of the most interesting, hidden and normally restricted areas in Melbourne,” Keenan said.
“The ball itself is a work of art and creates intrigue amongst all who see it – not unlike Melbourne itself. Play Melbourne Live is a first for the tourism industry and we’re so excited for Tourism Victoria.”
The ball was designed by Studio Periscope and has an open-source template for it available online, allowing other cities to join Melbourne’s game.
Tourism Victoria CEO Nick Foa said the campaign is reflective of the city’s early adoption of new technologies.
“Melbourne’s creativity and innovation is equal to the great cities of the world. This can be witnessed through its people, places, neighbourhoods and events,” Foa said.
“The Play Melbourne concept seeks to overcome Australia’s perception of over-familiarity with Melbourne by challenging curiosity, while at the same time providing global audiences with a taste of the cultural and creative heartbeat of the city.”
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Melanoma Institute Australia: Stop the Spread

Disciple and JCDecaux have partnered with Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) on an innovative new outdoor campaign asking viewers to ‘Stop the Spread’ of melanoma.
The custom-built JCDecaux digital Innovate panel displays a visual representation of a melanoma tumour that slowly grows until a donation is made via PayPass Tap And Go.
The melanoma cell animation reacts to each donation by shrinking down considerably before it starts growing again. If multiple people tap and make a donation, the melanoma continues to die away until it’s barely there.
Disciple, MIA’s creative agency on this project wanted to demonstrate that every dollar counts when it comes to finding a cure, helping the organisation piece another part of the melanoma puzzle together.
Says Pete Defries, art director, Disciple: “MIA is making real progress and we wanted to show how every donation gets real results in real time. Using the Tap And Go PayPass technology, we were able to do this in the simplest and quickest way possible.”
Says Essie Wake, marketing director, JCDecaux: “With big innovation, comes big responsibility. We’re proud to support MIA in raising awareness around an issue that affects us all through innovate Out-Of-Home media that engages and ignites action.”
Says Peter Buckley, creative partner for Disciple: “Currently Australia has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world with one person dying every six hours. As Melanoma Institute Australia is a not for profit organisation, it relies on the incredible generosity of the community to continue its vital work in preventing, diagnosing and treating melanoma.
“The good news is that 100% of the money received from this campaign goes to melanoma research, treatment and education.
“This project would not have been made possible without the time and dedication of Finch, Frame Set Match, JCDecaux, Commonwealth Bank and Nayax. A big thanks to everyone involved for providing their tech, skills, time and efforts.”
The state-of-the-art digital panel will go live in the Pitt Street Mall from October 6 – October 13.

eBay Launches 24-Hour Christmas Windows in Australia

In contrast to the traditionally blustery holiday season in the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas in Australia is a sunny experience. Barbecues and fresh seafood replace heavy holiday dinners, and scarlet Christmas bush blooms substitute hearty evergreen trees.
Despite varied climates, the holiday period is prominent retail season in both hemispheres. Inspired by Australia’s unique holiday experience, eBay Australia has deviated from its traditional online model to produce a series of physical, interactive window displays for the 2014 Australian Holiday Season.
eBay’s AU holiday window campaign, entitled “eBay Shoppable Windows” ran from 7:00am on Thursday, December 4th, to 8:00pm on Sunday, December 7th, at the Custom House Forecourt in Sydney. The campaign included four windows that were open for 24 hours each day. Viewers enjoyed the products in each display, browsed product details on a 46-inch installed screen, and purchased items directly via mobile phones.
The window displays were eBay’s response to an internal holiday shopping report, which indicated that 65% of Aussies associate the holiday shopping season with physical cues such as Christmas music and decorations, and 37% get their gift inspirations directly from display windows. With both sensory details (including a snow machine and carol playlist) and mobile capabilities, eBay designed its windows to blend sensory shopping influence with online convenience.
In Australia, December 4-7 was predicted by eBay’s research team to be the year’s busiest period of online shopping. December 7th, the final day of eBay’s campaign, was predicted to be the nation’s busiest online shopping day: eBay expected 2.6 million visitors the AU site, 1.5 million via mobile. The company expected to sell at least 200,000 items through its mobile application, a 48% increase from 2013.
eBay’s physical campaign is the first 24-hour shoppable window display in Australia.
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McDonald’s Sets Up Huge Lunch Box-Shaped Restaurant to Promote New Items

To ramp up promotional efforts for its new Aussie rump steak wraps and salad, McDonald’s Australia has set up a pop-up restaurant in the shape of a gigantic lunch box.
Covered in its iconic red and yellow colors, the massive pop-up is currently situated at Melbourne, after which it will relocate to Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]18MhPPOLIVk[/youtube]
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