Literature takes over street with 10,000 books

Luzinterruptus, “an anonymous artistic group, who carries out urban interventions in public spaces”, recently repeated one of their most popular installations in Toronto, Canada.
Titled ‘Literature vs. Traffic’, it took place on Hagerman Street in downtown Toronto—it was closed to traffic and then covered with 10,000 books that was donated by the Salvation Army.
According to its creators, they “want literature to take over the streets and conquer public spaces, freely offering those passersby a traffic-free place which, for some hours, will succumb to the humble power of the written word”.
Visitors would be able to take pictures of the books, sit down and read them, and eventually even take home pieces of the installation at the end of the night.
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]188316117[/vimeo]
Via: Designtaxi