Arla Best of Both Paints the Town Yellow!

Red, blue and green are the colours of the bottles of milk in the current market, however, Arla Foods have decided to add one more colour to the supermarket shelves by launching a new milk brand. Best of Both (BOB) tastes as good as semi-skimmed but is as healthy as skimmed. To promote this new product, Carat and Posterscope have ‘Painted the Town Yellow’. From February 29th until  13th March Brighton will be overwhelmed by bright yellow OOH formats including Roadside 48 Sheets, Roadside 6s, Phone Kiosks, T-sides, Supersides, Banners, Lamppost banners, Lamppost wraps, wrapped bus shelters along with some more unusual formats.
London Rd opp Oxford Street Brighton Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Western Rd At Norfolk Sq. Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Western Rd J.O Castle Street Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Western Rd Outside Anglia B. Society Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Western Rd Outside Wallis Bus Shelter Wraps Clear Channel Brighton Banner Blow UP

Lurpak Launches Experiential Campaign for New Cook’s Range

Arla-owned Lurpak launches a fully immersive experiential and digital campaign targeting “passionate cooks” to promote its new Cook’s Range.
Running from 24 to 26 April, the campaign integrates JCDecaux’s advertising screen Motion@Waterloo, with an interactive experiential campaign, where three celebrity food ambassadors, including Lily Vanilli, Tom Sellers and Valentine Warner will be aiming to inspire visitors to “start their food adventure”.
The high-definition screen at London’s Waterloo station will stream live content captured on the food stand throughout the campaign.
Stuart Ibberson, senior director for BSM at Arla, said: “We’re really excited about landing our new Cook’s Range in such an innovative way, being able to tie into the sense of theatre Waterloo offers and create an industry-first in the process is fantastic. We’re really looking forward to launching our new products to customers old and new and seeing how many food adventures we can inspire.”
Around three million visitors are expected to interact with the campaign and will be encouraged to enter competitions on Twitter using the hashtag #foodadventures after trailing the product at the stand.
Following the London launch, the campaign will roll out at other stations across the UK, including Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.
This was a fully integrated campaign involving BD Network, Carat, Posterscope, psLIVE, LIVEPOSTER, Wieden & Kennedy, JCDecaux and JCDecauxLive.
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Via: The Drum