Ann Summers Projects Valentine's Day Messages on Rival High Street London Store Fronts

Ann Summers developed a guerrilla marketing campaign for the weekend ahead of Valentine’s Day, which included working with NomadiX Media to project messages onto competitor shop fronts.
The lingerie brand projected the message ‘Happy Ann Summer Day’ message on other London store fronts in order to attract consumers to shop at the store ahead of Valentine’s Day on Friday (14 February).
Store fronts included Liberty, Thorntons and Paperchase, while it also hired Clean Street Advertising to tidy up the streets and post the messages onto London street pavements. The messages also aim to drive consumers to tweet @Ann_Summers using the hashtag #AnnSummersDay.
The projection against Thornton’s read ‘Chocolates are for hospitals’, while another projection read ‘Roses belong in the Eighties.’
Via: The Drum