Huntsman Condoms Prove to be PETA's Punchy Publicity Prank

PETA has created “Huntsman Condoms” to encourage hunters to stop reproducing to put and end to hunting being passed on from generation to generation.
The move to “stop hunters breeding” for the sheer purpose of mocking them would likely backfire on just about any entity except PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The outspoken organisation is already known for its controversial marketing stunts and, compared to its red-paint-flinging past, this is mild. But one has to admire the long-game PETA played in marketing this product for months before jumping out of the proverbial trees and shouting “AH HAH! GOT YOU!”
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]9wZwP2YulLs[/youtube]
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San Juan Beer "Where is my Otorongo?"

For decades, SABMIller’s San Juan beer has been, by far, the favorite beer of the Peruvian Amazon region. Since its launch, a jaguar known as “otorongo”, native to the region, has been its symbol. Sadly, due to deforestation and poaching, the otorongo is now a species in danger of extinction. There are only 6.000 otorongos left in Peru. In order to change this situation, during the hugely popular February carnival, San Juan removed the jaguar from its labels and replaced it with a dog, a pig, a cow and even a rooster. Only 6 thousand bottles with the picture of the otorongo were left, for the purpose of mirroring the problem. Reactions came quickly, ranging from surprise to indignation.
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Animal Crates Appear in Paris to Celebrate Zoo's Opening

The agency Ubi Bene has come up with a fun way to advertise Paris Zoological Park, which will opens in April 2014.
The creatives placed open animal crates all around famous landmarks, creating the illusion that these animals are loose in the city. The opening date of the zoo was also printed on each crate.
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On the Hunt for All-Natural Screams and Laughs

Marketers are officially obsessed with trying to frighten the world-weary populace of New York City. Following the recent devil baby and zombie stunts, here’s footage of the Chobani bear—an animatronic version of the real bear in the Super Bowl commercial—ambushing people in Manhattan, knocking over a hot dog stand and generally hamming it up.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]A2sxE2wL2dU[/youtube]
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