Commuters in Amsterdam have fun waiting for public transport in Tram Roulette

How about a quick gamble while waiting for public transport? Holland Casino recently conjured a up a tram and a platform to replicate a life-sized roulette table in their Tram Roulette campaign in Rembrandt Square, Amsterdam.
Tram passengers and passers-by were invited to play along in a life-size game of roulette. The platform was ‘transformed’ into a roulette table using  special decals with the numbers 0-36, just like in a regular roulette game. In addition, a huge roulette ball was stuck to the side of the tram . As the tram pulled into the station platform, the person who was on  the number where the ball finally stopped won a prize, which was given out by two croupiers . The game could also be played in real-time via Facebook Live, where participants could win great prizes.
TBWA/NEBOKO and in-house production Vidiboko produced this outdoor special in cooperation with JCDecaux.  
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]tBobvvTNlgce[/youtube]
Via: JCDecaux Netherlands

Man in just his underwear drives bumper car through Amsterdam

A man wearing just his underwear and a sun visor drove through the centre of Amsterdam in a bumper car. Without any form of branding, many were confused as well as startled . However it was later revealed to be part of the launch campaign for clothing brand A-dam Underwear.
A-dam Underwear are set to launch on the 1st of July. Having already modeled some of their range through the streets of Amsterdam and 300 feet in the air on a roller-coaster in Dam Square, Amsterdam.
Source: PRexamples

OOH sites distribute Bieber posters to fans

Justin Bieber, the face of Calvin Klein, is currently appearing all over the streets of Amsterdam modelling the new line of boxer shorts, in this campaign booked and implemented by Posterscope Netherlands and PSI.  In addition to the city centre CLP network, an additional poster giveaway experiential element was included to satisfy the demand for Bieber posters following the campaign hitting social media.
Two of the sites, JCDecaux’s ‘Mupi on Rembrandt and Van Baerlestraat, located in high footfall areas and in close proximity to the CK store were specially adapted to dispense ‘wrapped’ posters for the fans to take home.
The campaign took place in Amsterdam on x2 of the CLP’s located in central high footfall areas frequented by the Calvin Klein audience, and in very close proximity to the CK store. The CLP’s were adapted so that posters of Justin Bieber (the face of the campaign) were distributed from the bottom of the site already rolled up, for fans to take home.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Ka9G0iudCAQ[/youtube]

People get Pampered with RFID

KPN, a provider for Internet/TV/Mobile spoilt consumers during their “All Inclusive weeks”. KPN treated passers-by in Amsterdam with a one day all-inclusive campaign. Hostesses on site distributed RFID bracelets that could be used at 5 different locations in Amsterdam, for people to get rewarded with 5 different treatments.
On Saturday 20th September only, people were pampered like never before. Each of the five locations selected for this media first campaign had a special tag on which passers-by could tap using a RFID bracelet previously distributed by hostesses to activate the rewards.
Location one distributed delicious Macaroons.
Location two distributed fresh fruit juices.
Location three gave people the chance to have their own personal assistant carrying their shopping bags to their next location.
Location four allowed people to enjoy a foot massage!
Finally, the fifth and last location gave people the incredible chance to have their very own private drivers bringing them back home… for free!
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]4VmkTkJZR7c[/youtube]
Via: JCDecaux One World

KLM Surprises Passengers with Personal Messages from Loved Ones

Saying goodbye at the airport is usually a sad affair, and Dutch airline KLM understands this.
That is why, together with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, they have created a heart-warming campaign called ‘Cover Greetings’.
In this campaign, the airline gave passengers’ families and friends a chance to leave a personal message on the headrest of their loved ones selected seats.
The heart-warming video below captures the passengers’ reactions as they read their unexpected messages.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]DH8D2OHn18c[/youtube]
Via: Design Taxi

KLM: Live High Five

KLM is a successful brand which understands and embraces the digital medium better than its peers. Last week KLM connected hundreds of people in Amsterdam and New York live, through high fives. For one day, two interactive installations provided a live look through across the ocean. This created spontaneous interactions, letting people on the street come face to face with another citizen from New York or Amsterdam. The credits goes to Eigen Fabrikaat (DDB Group) and Minivegas.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]JHG2eIIt7go[/youtube]
Via: Digital Buzz

Magnum Ice Cream Celebrates 25 Years of Pleasure in Amsterdam

To celebrate ’25 Years of Pleasure’ Unilever’s Magnum and JCDecaux Holland ran a campaign from the 21st to the 28th of May, giving people of Amsterdam the opportunity to redeem a free personalised ice cream!
To mark Magnum’s special occasion, JCDecaux fully wrapped a bus shelter and placed a hostess on site wearing a distinctive Magnum-inspired dress, to give out balloons and distribute special Magnum-Coins to intrigued passers-by.
Using these Magnum-Coins, passers-by could visit the Magnum department store that was right next to the bus shelter and create their own personalised Magnum ice cream.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]yKuyoJqiXGQ[/youtube]
Via: JCDecaux One World

Time For a Break With Kit Kat

Kit Kat has taken its ‘Have a break, have a Kit Kat’ message to the streets of Amsterdam and made it relevant for today’s ever-connected consumer.   ‘Free No Wi-Fi’ Zones were created throughout the downtown area using benches with WiFi jammers that block signals within a 5 metre radius.
Via: Ads of The World

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