Amscreen Lining Up New Range of Larger OOH Screens

Leading digital signage provider commences development of a range of customisable screen products including an 84” outdoor display.

Amscreen, Europe’s leading wireless, real-time, Out of Home screen solutions business is following up the successful development and deployment of their 70” exterior, sunlight visible displays, with a range of new screen products, to be launched around Q2 2017.
Simon Sugar, CEO of Amscreen commented “The criteria for success of our 70” products will also be embodied in the development of the new 84” products. From the very beginning, we understood the importance of ease of installation and maintenance which in turn would ensure minimal disruption to the high-street and therefore ultimately speed of deployment. Combine this with our stunning, sunlight visible displays and remote monitoring capabilities and we’re confident that we’ll be seeing more of our new products on Europe’s high-streets in the not too distant future” 
Screen customers will have the choice of a modular 75 inch or 84 inch screens which can then be selected as single or dual sided displays as well as free standing or integrated bus shelter units.
Sugar continued: “The ability of our network owners to customise designs that lend themselves to the specific outdoor environment offers the kind of flexibility customers now expect from digital signage providers. When combined with all our standard benefits around reliability, maintenance and ease of day to day operations, we’re confident we have an even stronger product that’s fit for purpose whatever the requirements.
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MOTO extends screen contract with Amscreen Group

MOTO Hospitality Ltd has signed a further 5 year contract with Amscreen, initiating an upgrade in screen technology within 45 sites across the network. MOTO is one of the final networks to benefit from Amscreen’s nationwide screen technology roll-out of 2650 and it brings their weekly audience to over 19m.

 The high definition, larger format, portrait screens will also employ Amscreen’s OptimEyes technology, delivering real-time audience measurement data. The network provides brands the opportunity to reach nearly 500k visitors to MOTO’s venues every week.
MOTO has been working with Amscreen since 2010, providing store specific messaging, valued content such as traffic reports, weather and news as well as 3rd party advertising sold and served by Amscreen.
Paul Comer, Commercial and Purchasing Manager at MOTO:“The screens in our motorway service areas provide us an excellent communications vehicle for motorists and are a valued source of content on their journey. We’re pleased to continue our relationship with Amscreen and look forward to this new state-of the-art screen technology rolling out across our venues”

Simon Sugar, CEO of Amscreen Group comments:“MOTO venues are a key destination for the UK’s road users as well as capturing impulse shoppers in these high dwell environments. We’re delighted to continue our partnership and look to delivering an enhanced product and service to both MOTO and our advertisers”
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Amscreen’s Digital Signage Solutions employed in Carrefour stores

A Partnership with Screen Media Solutions sees digital signage media network deployed within global supermarket group across Jordan based estate
 Amscreen, one of Europe’s leading digital signage solutions company, announces further overseas deployment through the Jordan based firm, Screen Media Solutions. The Carrefour Group, who operates more than 10,800 stores across 33 countries, is the latest retailer to benefit from this partnership and innovative screen based customer communication platform.
The Carrefour network adds to Screen Media Solutions’ growing portfolio of estates which include forecourts, pharmacies and convenience stores. This initial roll-out will feature in 14 branches across the Carrefour network. This brings Screen Media Solutions’ total Jordan based network to 94 screens across 84 locations.
The Amscreen Solutions screen technology offers network owners such as Carrefour a platform to feature their own in-store messaging as well as providing 3rd party advertisers the ability to reach consumers through their local, trusted retail enviroments with targeted, flexible advertising solutions. Other retailers within Screen Media Solutions portfolio include Cozmo, Jiwar Mart, Snax, Pharmacy 1 and Rawhi Pharmacy. The rapid expansion into these new venues delivered via this partnership is testament to the scalability of Amscreen’s digital signage solution which features plug ‘n’ play screens with in-built software and audience analytics technology, OptimEyes.
The announcement comes following Amscreen Solutions’ recent partnerships in Russia, Poland, Netherlands and Switzerland during 2014 which has further strengthened Amscreen’s status as Europe’s leading out of home media provider.
Samer Zeid, Managing Director and Owner of Screen Media Solutions commented “Screen Media Solutions is focused on strengthening the network of digital screens across Jordan, offering businesses and investors the opportunity to target consumers out of home and on the move. Screen Media Solutions offers a fresh, modern digital alternative for local advertisers, made possible by the flexibility and scalability of the digital screens from Amscreen. We are proud to be Amscreens exclusive partner across Jordan and are looking to further expand our network across Jordan and beyond”.
CEO of Amscreen, Simon Sugar, commented “We’re delighted that our partners, Screen Media Solutions, have successfully rolled out a screen network with Carrefour and we look forward to see this rollout extended to further venues. Our technology allows Carrefour and other retail partners a scalable, remotely managed and simple to employ in-store screen network”

MFG, extends screen agreement with Amscreen Group

Independent forecourt operator, Motor Fuel Group (MFG) has signed a further 5 year contract with Amscreen. This will cover an upgrade in screen technology within their initial 58 stations, alongside a rollout of this new 24 inch screen product throughout 223 recently acquired and originally branded Murco forecourt sites.
The high definition, larger format, portrait screens will also employ Amscreen’s OptimEyes technology, delivering real-time audience measurement data. This brings Amscreen’s weekly impacts for their UK forecourt networks to more than 31m.
MFG has been working with Amscreen since 2010, employing a network of screens within forecourts at pay points. This network delivers store specific messages for customers as well as 3rd party advertising sold and served by Amscreen.
The network provides brands the opportunity to reach 3.4m visitors to these venues every week. The MFG estate of BP, Texaco and JET branded stations represents a key part of the larger portfolio of 3,765 screens within forecourt venues across the UK.
Jeremy Clarke, Managing Director of Motor Fuel Group, said:
“Our partnership with Amscreen has enabled us to deliver site specific communications in each of our individual venues. These new screen products will offer us the ability to continue and improve upon the messaging we can feature on screen for our customers.”
Simon Sugar, CEO of Amscreen Group comments:
“As a key longstanding partner of Amscreen, we’re delighted to renew agreements with MFG and the new 24 inch HD screens will not only enhance customer communications in venue but offer our advertisers more key touch points to engage with consumers across the UK.”
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UK retailers get real-time customer profiling at their fingertips

In early 2014, Amscreen, provider of in-store digital screen media, worked with a number of select partners to trial a revolutionary platform delivering real-time audience profiling and footfall analytics. The technology, which utilises a camera built into HD in-store screens, is able to identify a shopper’s age and gender by location and time of day.
A year on, Amscreen is now launching OptimEyes® to the broader UK retail sector. The service integrates technology provided by automated audience measurement business Quividi, and then builds upon this to deliver a user-friendly portal designed specifically around the requirements of retailers and their need to access and act upon real-time customer insight.
OptimEyes® has been created to assist in the provision of insight that can help retailers in a number of areas including; predicting traffic flows to identify the most efficient times of day to promote a certain product range, react in real-time to fluctuations in footfall as well as map a customer’s typical journey through store. This insight is all accessible through a real-time online OptimEyes® portal so a network of screens and customer profiles can be reviewed from any single location.
Simon Sugar, CEO of Amscreen states “Our OptimEyes platform and portal is providing real-time audience measurement enabling our solutions customers to identify exactly who their adverts are reaching and change content immediately based on this data. The OptimEyes portal is the gateway to this content providing easy, speedy online access to audience analytics from their entire network of screens.”
The announcement comes following the launch of the OptimEyes® technology in 2014, which uses hardware to detect a series of physical reference points to determine age and gender of viewers. The OptimEyes® portal can be interrogated manually or serve summary reports based on the users preferences.  Retailers will also be able to analyse audience trends on a global, national or regional scale, or even by individual store and in-store zone.
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MRH extend their contact with Amscreen

MRH has signed a further 5 year contract with Amscreen which will see an upgrade of their existing network of 365 screens in UK forecourts to Amscreen’s 24 inch screen. The new screens also feature Amscreen’s OptimEyes technology, delivering real-time audience measurement data.
The renewal of the existing contract includes a network of 365 screens across company owned sites which are branded Esso, BP, Jet and Texaco amongst others. MRH has been working with Amscreen since 2009, employing a network of screens within forecourts at pay points. This network delivers store specific messages for customers as well as 3rd party advertising sold and served by Amscreen.
The network provides brands the opportunity to reach 3.4m visitors to these venues every week. The MRH estate represents a key part of the larger portfolio of 3,765 within forecourt venues across the UK with 27 million impacts every week.
Andrew Jackson, General Manger MRH Retail said “Having worked with Amscreen for some years, we’ve seen the screens provide an invaluable customer messaging platform. With the addition of the new screen format and real-time audience measurement technology in the form of the OptimEyes technology, we are very happy to continue to work with the team and this excellent product.”.
Simon Sugar, CEO of Amscreen Advertising & Media added: “We are delighted to be extending our partnership with MRH for an additional five years. With our new screen products and audience tracking, we can add further insight and audience metrics for both MRH and those advertisers looking to capitalise on our UK wide network. ”
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Amscreen and Clear Channel UK pen digital screen deal

Ground-breaking technology partnership will see Clear Channel’s Adshel Live screens deployed across UK
Amscreen, Europe’s leading digital signage solutions company and outdoor media giant Clear Channel UK have today announced a deal that will see outdoor, sunlight-visible digital screens deployed across the UK.
The strategic alliance will see the coming together of technology innovators Amscreen and media experts Clear Channel UK. Amscreen’s Solutions division will exclusively provide affordable and state of the art digital signage screens that are visible in sunlight, making them ideal for outdoor use and will be deployed as Clear Channel’s Adshel Live units at bus stops and various other outdoor locations.
Amscreen has designed a new range of products and operating model that will bring huge efficiencies in the areas of installation, maintenance and full lifetime product support. The screens include a unique modular approach that allows on-site replacement of all key parts where previously this has not been feasible.
The screens will be manufactured and assembled in a purpose built 20,000 square foot plant in Bolton, creating numerous employment opportunities in the area.
Amscreen CEO Simon Sugar, commented, “We are thrilled to announce the partnership with Clear Channel UK and with our combined knowledge of the sector, we have developed our solution from the ground up to deliver a more efficient product in all areas. This initial rollout of screens marks the start of our relationship with Clear Channel, and we look forward to watching this flourish. We have a scalable business model that can be easily replicated across European markets.”
Sugar continued, “The deal with Clear Channel will also see us manufacturing and assembling technology here on UK soil, bringing jobs to the industry at a time when many corporations are choosing to move abroad.  We are proud to be investing significantly in the UK and are certain our partners will benefit greatly from the support, skills and technological advances that we bring.”
Will Ramage, Business Development Director at Clear Channel UK added, “Partnering with Amscreen is the perfect opportunity for Clear Channel to innovate technologically. Their screens and services provide us with an economical solution that we can roll out as Adshel Live across our outdoor network. We are certain that our partnership will provide the acceleration in outdoor screen adoption that the market has long been waiting for.  We also look forward to further developing our technology partnership with Amscreen.”
The Digital 6-Sheet sector is currently estimated to comprise over 2,000 screens in a number of environments including bus shelters, rail stations and shopping centres. This deal will see a huge injection of digital sites across the UK over the coming year helping to further grow an already burgeoning sector.

Amscreen Works with Age UK to supply 150 Shops with Digital Signage

Amscreen is supplying Age UK with digital screens across 150 of its charity shops. The digital screens will display live, up to the minute news and weather, as well as content highlighting the variety of services and products available through Age UK.
By introducing screens to selected Age UK stores, customers and donors will be able to keep up-to-date with new products and services from the charity.  Initial trials have received positive feedback from customers who found the range of information displayed helpful and informative.
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A Welcome Break for Amscreen

Digital signage solution pens deal with leading service station group to better internal communications
Amscreen Digital Solutions has announced a partnership with motorway service operators, Welcome Break. As well as a five year renewal of the existing network of screens in forecourts and WH Smith retailers at Welcome Break locations, the deal will also see screens installed in break areas and team rooms to enable internal communications and better employee engagement.
The renewal of the existing contract includes a network of 59 screens across the Welcome Break estate providing advertised brands the opportunity to reach over 1.2m visitors to these venues every 2 weeks. This estate represents a key part of their larger portfolio of 6,500 screens reaching more than 57m adults within a range of environments including garage forecourt estates across UK and Europe.
The unique ‘plug and play’ technology featured in Amscreen’s digital screens will enable Welcome Break sites across the UK to communicate company messaging, employee updates, staff events and training news internally and in real time.
With screens installed across their estate, Amscreen will take content from Welcome Break’s existing intranet system and broadcast it across the network, facilitating employee communications and improving engagement.

Amscreen Partners with Sharp to Create Affordable, Scalable Outdoor Digital Screens

The new exclusive deal between Amscreen and Sharp will enable the roll-out of technically advanced, large screen digital display screens by the end of 2014.
Unlike Amscreen’s current network of smaller digital screens operating at point of sale throughout Tesco’s petrol stations, as well as retailers such as WHSmith, Londis and Spar, the new screens will be available for any outdoor company to acquire.
The screens will be six-sheets, best known for being the size of traditional bus stop posters, and can be used within bus shelters and roadside sites, as well as windows and other indoor sites and shopping centres.
Using Amscreen’s patented networking and content delivery systems, the “plug and play” screens promise to make a fully connected and scalable network an affordable reality for both existing and potential outdoor players.
The new Amscreen and Sharp produced screens are currently in the prototype stage, but Sugar said initial feedback from potential customers has been “fantastic” and the screens will be available in the marketplace “towards the end of the year”.
The new format screens will all have the option of embedding Amscreen’s face tracking OptimEyes audience measurement technology at a premium, or can simply be used as off-the-peg, digital screens.
The deal follows more than two years of development at Amscreen.
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