Amazon surprises customers in 'motorised' coffee shop stunt

Thinkmodo sure loves its cafés.
The stunt-based viral video agency had an early hit with 2013’s “Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise,” in which a girl surprised unsuspecting patrons with some freaky telekinetic superpowers (to promote the horror movie Carrie). They also did a Spider-Man coffee-shop stunt earlier this year.
Now, Thinkmodo returns to a New York City coffee-shop setting for “The Grand Tour Café,” in which patrons once again get a big shock—this time in a good way. Because those aren’t your regular chairs, couches, coffee tables and ottomans.
Yes, it’s an Amazon prank promoting the return of its original motoring series The Grand Tour for Season 2 on Dec. 8. Thinkmodo tells us the video has over 2 million total Facebook views in 24 hours.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]aJ9XruZm_Hg[/youtube]
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Amazon constructs the largest installation by an advertiser in Times Square

There’s a new giant structure in Times Square, but it has nothing to do with office space or condos. The 79-foot (or seven story tall) structure is an Amazon Echo of sorts—it’s attached to a billboard as part of the company’s new campaign touting the streaming capabilities of Amazon Music.
The massive effort, which is essentially a model of the Amazon Echo, isn’t interactive, but does have LED lights to make it look functional. The build also breaks Pepsi’s record set in the 1940s for the largest ad build in Times Square, according to the company’s agency partners Outfront, Rapport and Traction 3D.
“Our goal is to increase awareness for Amazon Music,” said Josh Fein, head of partner and brand marketing for Amazon Music. “To highlight one of our unique and innovative Alexa voice features, the lyrics search functionality, we chose iconic lyrics that promoted positivity and togetherness through the power of music.”
Added Fein: “One of our inspirations for the campaign was John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s billboards in Times Square featuring lyrics from their new song, ‘Happy Xmas (War is Over).’ Their campaign amplified the fact that music lyrics can speak volumes, and that the right song, at the right moment, can connect with large groups of people.”
“While our ‘Music Unites’ campaign is in 15 cities across the U.S., U.K., and Germany, we knew that Times Square had to be a centerpiece. We’re excited to have the largest advertising installation in one of the most widely recognized places in the world.”
The billboard Echo has a 22-foot circumference and weighs more than seven tons. It will be in Times Square until June 25.
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CANAL+ takes commuters into the depths of the Amazon rainforest at a Parisian station

To promote their new original series “Guyane” (international title: “Ouro”), which premiered January 23rd, French pay-TV giant CANAL+ partnered with ad agency BETC Paris to take people into the depths of the Amazon rainforest.
The adventure drama revolves around a 20-year-old geology student from Paris who travels to French Guiana to do an internship in a gold mining company. Just like the series’ protagonist, commuters on the Paris Métro line 3 now get to enjoy a jungle atmosphere at the station Opéra, which was transformed into an exotic jungle with real plants, in a marketing stunt developed by BETC. The huge installation, which will be there until February 1st, not only informs consumers about the series’ premiere date, but also supports an Instagram competition, which give users the chance to find a hidden golden nugget for the chance to win a trip to French Guiana (@guyane_canalplus).
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New York Subway Riders Shop on Amazon whilst on the Underground

Amazon has become the first advertiser to use the large digital kiosks on the New York subway that originally displayed maps of the city’s transit system as digital pop-up stores to drive sales of holiday gifts.

Amazon’s activity is running on 100 digital 47-inch screens in 12 major hubs in New York, including Grand Central Station, Union Square and Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Collectively, the kiosks target 1.2 million riders per day.

Half of the screens are placed on subway platforms and the other half are near entrances and high-volume areas. Creative content on Amazon’s ads differs between the two areas: Ads in the mezzanine area focus on branding while promos near trains drive sales.

The digital screens are swipe-able and let consumers browse through a curated list of electronic holiday gifts from brands like Samsung, Sony and Belkin. Each item can be tapped on for more information, which also pulls in real-time pricing.

After finding a product they want, riders can scan a QR code or send a text message or email and receive an link, where they can buy the gift from a smartphone once they’re above ground.

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What's in the Giant Locker?

A mysterious giant locker was placed in front of the Ferry Building in San Francisco as part of a stunt for Nissan and Amazon.
The large locker housed a Nissan Rogue inside, as well as other prizes, which could only be accessed through special codes.
In order to get a code, the public was encouraged to tweet, comment or post photos about the locker on social media using the hash tag #GiantLocker. The codes opened the locker doors, with one lucky person receiving the code for the giant door, allowing them to gain access to the car inside.
Behind the campaign idea was TBWA\ Chiat Day LA.
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