Gordon's Gets Weekend Ready

Gordon’s gets commuters in the mood for the weekend with its fantastically refreshing new dynamic campaign.
As a part of its ‘Shall We?’ campaign, the Diageo-owned gin brand has deployed the campaign on roadside 6’s, rail and Underground D6’s, and bars and pubs across the UK, with the creative changing depending on the time of day, weather and location. For example, in the evening the creative may say “It’s 5pm. Shall we?” and if it’s sunny the message will change to say “Hello Sunshine.”
The campaign is playing in the run up to weekends on Thursdays and Fridays from November 3rd to December 12th. It was planned and booked by Carat and Posterscope using the Liveposter platform.
Standard creative will also be deployed on Motion@Waterloo and several large format digital sites.

The smart ice cubes that tell bar staff to order you another drink

The cubes alert bar staff when your drink is empty and brings you a refill.

Many of us are aware of the concept of the Internet of Things, a system in which everything – from your smartphone and self-driving car, to your smart TV and fridge – is connected to the web. It’s an exciting proposition – a world in which your car can alert your house that you’re on the way home, triggering the heating to be set just right, flicking on your living room lights and queuing up your favourite Friday night playlist.
But what if you’re out with friends? Well, the Internet of Things might be about to disrupt a bar near you – and solve a problem you’re likely to have faced time and time again.
MARTINI, the world’s leading vermouth and best-selling sparkling wine maker, is trialling the MARTINI Smart Cube.
The concept is simple. A barman places a MARTINI Smart Cube in your drink when serving. The ice cube-shaped device, which is 3D printed, then bobs around until your drink is finished, at which point it senses the lack of liquid and alerts the bar staff, ordering you a fresh glass.
The technology is based on Apple’s iBeacon technology – a software protocol that allows a hardware transmitter, typically with Bluetooth low energy connectivity, to broadcast a notification to nearby devices. In this case, two liquid sensors recognise when they’re no longer submerged, triggering the drinks order to be made. Using Aerogel – a technology built by Nasa – the temperature of the cube is kept cool, while staying buoyant.
The MARTINI Smart Cube also sends the bar staff an indication of how far the drink is from the bar, so they can deliver the drink without fuss. As soon as the drink order is automatically sent to the bar ordering system – via an iPad Pro – the bar staff know immediately where that drink needs to be delivered.
The result? No more tearing yourself away from that all-too-rare catch-up. MARTINI Smart Cube will do the ordering for you. And there’ll be no more drink mix-ups either. Each cube has its own unique pulsing colour combination, so everyone knows exactly which Martini & Tonic is theirs.
But it’s not just a crowd pleaser. In the future, MARTINI Smart Cube might track your alcohol consumption, keeping you informed about how much you’re consuming. It could also alert you if your drink has been tampered with.
We’ll raise a glass to that.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]RRL9b_qbyY8[/youtube]
Via: Wired 

Grandpa Pranks Bodybuilders at Muscle Beach

Kenneth “Kenny” Leverich is a multi-time CrossFit Games competitor and all-around freak athlete who has a crazy combination of strength, speed, and gymnastics skill. Basically, he’s one of the best functional fitness athletes to put on a clinic of showoff moves
So when Thrillist recruited him for a recent viral prank sponsored by Smith & Forge Hard Cider, it drew a crowd. Leverich was disguised as an 84 year old man when he visits the famed Muscle Beach. Costumed snatches, clean & jerks, back flips, pistols, and other antics ensue.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]OrqERXE-DF0[/youtube]
Via: YouTube

Cubanisto – Discover The Spirit Within

AB InBev ran an interactive megaposter campaign in Brussels and Antwerp during the end of the year period to support its rum flavoured beer brand Cubanisto. Passers-by were able to change the special backlight led color by tweeting their favorite color @CUBANISTOMASK. This monumental stunt was part of a wider OOH campaign, including some digital screens, nighttime urban beaming and free tastings in top cities.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]OzxIE4amex0[/youtube]

Czech Beer Company Creates Typewriter That Pours Beer As You Type

Czech beer brand Staropramen wanted to reach out and encourage people who spend their time enjoying quality experiences such as theatre, jazz music, fine cinema and literature.
They connected a typewriter to a draught beer machine and created the ‘TapWriter’, the world’s first type-controlled draught.
Staropramen then presented its TapWriter at various book fairs and theatre festivals in Romania and gave aspiring writers a blank piece of paper. For each piece of writing, the author got free beer dispensed into his/her glass while typing. As the words poured out, so did the beer.
The story were then printed on the beer coasters within the bars
The agency is FCB Bucharest, Romania
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]iz1PTm37hfc[/youtube]
Via: Digital Synopsis

Heineken: It’s Your Call

Heineken and creative agency Rothco, Dublin shows you what happens when you take one of rugby’s biggest legends and hide him inside a prize machine in a Dublin pub.
Jonah Lomu, whose 15 Rugby World Cup tries propelled him to legend status in the game was taking part in a promotional campaign for beer company Heineken in the run up to this year’s tournament.
Guests at Harry Byrnes pub were the first to get a taste of the unpredictability of the coin flip, with Lomu hiding inside what they thought was a regular vending machine, and offering up some customised gifts that left everyone scratching their heads.
Ireland rugby hero Shane Horgan was on hand to reveal the true identity of the contents of the vending machine – much to the surprise and amusement of the rugby fans.
The campaign gives rugby fans the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be at the pre-match coin toss at an Ireland match during the tournament this autumn, right next to the team captains, moments before the game kicks-off.
Lomu said: “This Heineken video was a lot of fun to shoot. The Irish are known for their sense of humour across the world, so I was delighted to put that to the test. Seeing people’s faces as they tried to figure out what was going on was a real highlight.”
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]mYyJQYxAVU4[/youtube]

Heineken brings Rugby stars to digital OOH

Heineken, one of the worldwide partners of the Rugby World Cup, is using Motion@Waterloo in its multi-platform OOH campaign. The creative features clips from the TV spot featuring famous Rugby players Jonah Lomu and John Smit.
The campaign was planned and booked by Starcom MediaVest Group and Posterscope.

Guinness West Indies Porter on Clerkenwell Road

To mark the launch of the new Guinness West Indies Porter, Diageo and Posterscope created a large hand-painted mural in Clerkenwell, an area known for its trendy bars and pubs. Posterscope’s Hyperspace team facilitated the project with High Rise Murals which is due to run until the end of November. The creative takes on a vintage feel to promote the heritage of the product, which is based on the recipe created in 1801. The campaign aims to hit the beer market trend of ‘premiumisation’ and the proliferation of craft beer brands and micro-breweries which are creating a new generation of beer-literate consumers.

Grolsch Embeds Bluetooth Tech into Bottle Tops to Unlock Free Movies

Russian beer drinkers can now unlock free-to-view movies on their computer, smartphone or tablet with a swipe of their Bluetooth-enabled bottle of Grolsch – though technophiles should be wary of excitedly spilling beer over their device in the process.
St Petersburg-based tech developer Head and Hands has devised the simple means of redeeming free-to-view content, eliminating the tedium of tapping in a promo code.
The campaign for Grolsch employs a technology that lets consumers choose a film via a partner website, swipe their bottle top – which has embedded in it a “one-touch” technology using radio signals to “unlock” content – and watch the movie while sipping a lager.
Via: Marketing Magazine

Stella Artois Turn Tesco Smart Screens on when the Weather is Hot

We mined 3 years of met office weather and Stella Artois sales data and highlighted that the weather has a significant impact on sales.  Sales actually increase by 15% when the temperature goes above the norm for that month.
This provided us with the perfect activation insight to be live at a moment of heightened consideration.  In July this trigger is 23 degrees.  As such, we built and plugged in a bespoke platform to 400 Tesco smart screens across the UK which turn on Stella Artois Cidre advertising, across TV areas on days when this temperature  trigger is met.
The campaign which runs from the 30th June – 31st July will only display Stella Artois messaging at a point of heightened consideration, maximising relevance and minimising wastage.
Stella Artois are the first brand to use the network in this innovative way, leading the way in OOH communications.