JCDecaux reveals new 6-sheets in Hammersmith

JCDecaux has strengthened its London 6-sheet portfolio with three new ST6 locations in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The new premium locations reach affluent consumers in and around the busy shopping district and commuters near the Hammersmith underground station (District and Piccadilly) which is situated in the Broadway Shopping Centre.
Along with the locations that launched in Kensington & Chelsea last year, these new locations have been developed as part of JCDecaux’s long-term partnership with BT, which has transformed selected BT kiosks into free-standing products that combine a public payphone on one side with a high-quality scrolling 6-sheet on the other.

People get Pampered with RFID

KPN, a provider for Internet/TV/Mobile spoilt consumers during their “All Inclusive weeks”. KPN treated passers-by in Amsterdam with a one day all-inclusive campaign. Hostesses on site distributed RFID bracelets that could be used at 5 different locations in Amsterdam, for people to get rewarded with 5 different treatments.
On Saturday 20th September only, people were pampered like never before. Each of the five locations selected for this media first campaign had a special tag on which passers-by could tap using a RFID bracelet previously distributed by hostesses to activate the rewards.
Location one distributed delicious Macaroons.
Location two distributed fresh fruit juices.
Location three gave people the chance to have their own personal assistant carrying their shopping bags to their next location.
Location four allowed people to enjoy a foot massage!
Finally, the fifth and last location gave people the incredible chance to have their very own private drivers bringing them back home… for free!
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]4VmkTkJZR7c[/youtube]
Via: JCDecaux One World

Kensington & Chelsea 6-Sheets

JCDecaux will strengthen its London portfolio with 18 6-sheet locations in Kensington & Chelsea, reaching audiences at some of the most sought-after addresses in the Royal Borough from early May.
These prime new locations include: Sloane Square, Kensington High Street, King’s Road, Fulham Road, Notting Hill Gate, Ladbroke Grove, Cromwell Road, Earl’s Court Road and Old Brompton Road.
The new locations have been developed as part of JCDecaux’s longterm partnership with BT, which has transformed selected BT kiosks into a free-standing product that combines a public payphone on one side and a high-quality scrolling 6-sheet on the other.
Via: JCDecaux

Do You Like the Smell of Chocolate?

This was the first scent marketing campaign using street furniture in Spain. With the slogan ‘do you like the smell of pleasure?, milkshake brand Cacaolat invited people to smell their appealing cocoa scent. The action is complemented by a series of actions in social networks to increase the impact.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]31AOj4gng8Y[/youtube]
Via: JCDecaux Spain

The Smallest 'Parking' Space

We often come across larger-than-life billboard ads on the streets, but the Spanish agency Contrapunto BBDO has come up with a clever and unconventional way of making use of a smaller space.
Instead of using the space in front of the billboard, the agency transformed the often overlooked side of one into an ad space.
The logo of Mercedes’ smart car can be seen, along with the tagline, “There is always a space”. The agency brilliantly made use of this compact space to show the benefits of driving a smaller vehicle.
Although many agencies think that having bigger attention-grabbing ads will capture the eye of consumers, this agency shows that effective advertising comes with creatively making use of different types of spaces.
Via: Design Taxi