Maltesers unveils Braille billboard in next phase of disability campaign

Maltesers has launched a billboard in London written entirely in Braille as it continues its efforts to better represent disability in advertising.
The poster comes after the Mars brand released three TV ads featuring disabled actors during the Rio Paralympics in September.
The new ad is made of Braille, the tactile writing system used by visually-impaired people, with the dots formed of model-made Maltesers. The poster marking World Braille Day will be accessible for everyone through a combination of audio description and a translation on Maltesers UK’s Facebook page.
The Braille translation reads: “Caught a fast bus once – turns out it was a fire engine.”
The JCDecaux billboard will run in Farringdon from today until 15 January.
Like the previous TV ads, the poster is part of Maltesers’  “Look on the light side” campaign, which launched in summer 2015. It was inspired by a true story from a focus group led by Maltesers and disability charity Scope.
The ad was created by Lucy Jones and Charlotte Mather at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. MediaCom is the media agency.
Michele Oliver, the vice-president of marketing at Mars Chocolate UK, said: “As one of the UK’s biggest advertisers, we have a responsibility and a role to play in championing greater inclusivity in our advertising and communications.
“Maltesers is the brand that looks on the light side of life and this scenario is just one example of the real-life, everyday experiences of people affected by sight loss; and in this case from Michelle in Glasgow. This small-scale activation is a natural next step in our ambition to get closer to our consumers, by normalising disability in advertising and communications, and using humour to challenge preconceptions.”
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Singapore Kindness Movement aims to Spread Smiles

Singapore Kindness Movement has partnered up with MediaCorp’s OOH Media to launch this year’s Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) campaign – “A Nation of Kindness Starts with One”.
“Mirror Mirror on the 6 Sheet panels”, is a creative concept used to convey this year’s Singapore Kindness Movement message, “If I can smile at myself, I can make someone smile today.”
Approximately 120 OOH Media’s bus shelter have been utilised to showcase the campaign which runs up until 8 October. These panels are each outfitted with a mirror and a note encouraging passersby to take a selfie using the mirror. For each selfie taken and posted online with the hashtag #nationofkindness, SKM’s  partner, Gardenia will pledge a loaf of bread to be donated to a needy family on the participant’s behalf.
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Samsung’s ‘Suction’ Billboard Demonstrates the Power of its Vacuum Cleaner

To advertise the ‘suction power’ of its vacuum cleaner, Samsung—with the help of Saatchi Netherlands—created a playful billboard.
Rigged with a motor, the scrolling billboard features a Samsung ad that is constantly being ‘sucked’ back thanks to a well-placed vacuum cleaner on the top of the billboard.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]ZxNlsqU5bCo[/youtube]
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Clever billboard ads highlight the discrimination faced by prostitutes

The creatives at Anti Advertising changed the look of the billboards at bus stops to highlight the discrimination that prostitutes face.
Conceived for the 30th anniversary of the Norwegian National Center of Expertise on Prostitution, these billboards use visual cues to show that sex workers have been stepped on, treated like trash and are shamed for having a double life.
The goal was to make everyone reflect on how they have treated prostitutes, and hopefully lead them to change for the better.
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Mr Peabody and Sherman

For the launch of new film Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Posterscope has created an interactive 6-sheet campaign featuring augmented reality.  The Five sites (located nationally) transfer participants back-in-time to a choice of historical periods, ‘dresses’ them in costumes and takes and emails their photo.

Real $100 bills to fill outdoor ad panels for The Wolf of Wall Street

Outdoor advertising displays filled with up to $10,000 in real $100 bills have been created for the local launch of The Wolf of Wall Street movie.
The panels have been fitted with fans that will create a “whirlwind of cash” which will swirl behind the film’s protagonist, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.
Security guards will man the expensive displays and the cash is removed overnight.
The cash-stuffed outdoor ads can be found in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane until January 27.
Could this be the most expensive out-of-home advertising campaign?
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