Posterscope China scoop Outstanding Contribution Award at the Beijing Advertising Association Awards.

This was the 100 th year anniversary of the development of the advertising industry association in Beijing and Posterscope were recognised for their professional conduct and significant contribution to the OOH industry over the past +30 years.
Upon announcing the award, the judges referred to many milestones in the businesses history and recognised their commitment to data, technology, planning and creativity as well as their professional approach to business and the industry in general.
Numerous campaigns were cited as examples of Posterscope’s ability to push the boundaries.
This included their 2004 work for Adidas which was the first interactive campaign in the city, their integrated and complex work for the Torch relay campaign at the 2008 Olympics and their 2014 3D projection work for BMW which won a number of awards that year including Campaign’s Digital Media Award and the Individual.
Congratulations to the team!

Gatorade create human figure made from 100% water

To launch Gatorade’s new electrolyte water G Active, Unit 9 and TBWA made a true-to-life water athlete, animated it in mid air, and caught it on camera.
The technical infrastructure was designed and built in less than ten weeks, bringing together more than 20,000 individual parts and custom-made components. More than 5,000 man hours were taken up in the design and build of the system.
The custom-made “rain rig” dripped water in complete sequence and harmony, to recreate the figure of a real athlete – in a liquid animation. Each unit contained 64 litres of water, with 8 units running at any one time – a total of half a tonne of water to bring the system together.
To make the water character true-to-life, they motion-captured a human athlete running, jumping and kickboxing. Data from the motion capturing informed the water rig when to turn its nozzles on and off.
A series of 2,048 switches turned the water pressure on and off – at millisecond intervals – triggering the droplets at exactly the right moment. We then used flash-lighting to illuminate and “suspend” the water droplets in mid air, with millimeter and microsecond accuracy for each frame. Meaning an entire layer of data was transmitted through the entire system in just a microsecond.
We had to take each frame and process it in two ways. First to squash it, to compensate for gravitational acceleration, and second to slice it. The data for each frame was stored in a controller unit and triggered by the camera.
To have the camera positioned at the right angle for the shot, the water rig was programmed to sync with our motion control team. Every time our motion control specialists set a camera sync and a flash, the water was dropped at that precise moment.
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Sonos Captures New York's Beats and Streets with Giant 3D Screen

Sonos, the wireless hi-fi brand, is claiming a sound and vision first with a giant 3D screen allowing New Yorkers to explore the soundscape of their city.
Working with the digital creative agency Perfect Fools, the company has created an installation that allows users to sample New York’s art and culture via a 10 metre-square screen built from 300 Sonos Play:1 speakers.
Coloured LED lights pulsate within the speakers, which respond to hand gestures so that users can navigate a map of the city while sampling its musical sounds, ranging from hip-hop and funk to disco and electro.
The installation will also identify from which of the city’s five boroughs the music originates.
The ‘Sounds of NYC’ is one of a number of installations that will be featured at Sonos Studio NYC at New York’s Neuehouse, which offers shared work spaces for creative industry entrepreneurs, from 2 to 5 October.
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Homer Meets His Maker

Fox TV and psLIVE UK Bring Homer Simpson to Life at the San Diego Comic Con

On the 26th July, Fox TV and psLIVE UK brought TV’s favourite doughnut-eating dad to life as part of The Simpsons 25th anniversary. This activity formed a key part of the San Diego Comic Con, which ran from the 23rd to the 27th July.
To celebrate the history of this iconic TV show, a panel featuring Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, and the long-term producer, Al Jean, fielded questions about 25 years of The Simpsons in front of 8000 fans at San Diego’s famous Comic Con.
At the end of the panel session, Homer Simpson himself made a surprise guest appearance! The 360 degree, 3D holographic projection of Homer walked onto the stage and engaged the crowd with a speech to mark the 25th anniversary of the show that was specially written with the San Diego Comic Con audience in mind. In addition to this, Matt Groening took part in a live conversation with Homer from the Comic Con stage to truly delight a hugely appreciative crowd, in ballroom 20 of the San Diego Convention Centre.
psLIVE UK were responsible for the creative concept, planning and execution of the hologram projection and worked closely with 20th Century Fox TV studio team to create the 3D animation of Homer.
Michael Brown, MD psLIVE UK: “We were delighted to again be sought out by Fox to create a truly pioneering experience around this important milestone in one of the most successful, and famous TV franchises globally – it was a real privilege and honour to be entrusted to deliver this particular event experience for one of our most valued clients”.
The Comic Con audience certainly lapped it up, as did the whole of the USA: The cameras of Good Morning America captured the innovative work for broadcast across the entire nation.
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Lacoste Takes Stores Digital with AR App for New Trainer Range

Lacoste is hoping to make trying on shoes easier and faster with the launch of “a unique” app that lets shoppers virtually try on its new range of trainers using augmented reality (AR).
The French sportswear brand claims the app is a first because it combines 3D product scanning with AR. Developed by innovation agency Engine Creative, the app uses in-store point-of-sale to allow shoppers to see what the new trainers would look like on their foot without actually having to try them on.
To use the service, shoppers must put their foot in the graphic on the store floor and scan it with their smartphone. The app will then show what the trainer they are interested in looks like on the shopper’s foot, as well as providing details on the shoe and other products in the range.
The app can also be used to share images via social media and to buy any of the shoes. Lacoste hopes the app will offer an easier way for shoppers to try out the new range without having to wait for a shop assistant or take off their own shoes.
The technology will be used in Lacoste’s own stores, as well as concessions in department stores. There are also plans to update the app as new products are launched, with the aim of building a long-term relationship with shoppers on mobile.
Lacoste is the latest brand to try using AR in its stores to improve the customer experience. Last year Topshop created AR dressing rooms, while De Beers launched an app that let shoppers see how their jewellery would look on and both Ikea and Argos have integrated AR into their catalogues.
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Cromwell Road Revs Up for New BMW i8 Campaign

Over the next two weeks, Clear Channel’s flagship Cromwell Road site will be home to a full-scale, 600-kilogram fibreglass replica of the new BMW i8 – the innovative hybrid sports car from one of the world’s leading car manufacturers.
BMW has taken over all six Cromwell Road advertising panels for their stunning out-of-home advertising campaign. An elevated ramp has been built to create the illusion of the replica i8 driving along a road, bringing the advert to life. The campaign was planned and booked by Vizeum and Posterscope.
Nicola Green, BMW’s Marketing Communications Manager – Brand and New Model Launches, said: “The i8 is a car which stands out – its design, innovation and performance. As such, it was important for us that when marketing and promoting this model, we did something a little bit different.  The Cromwell Road placement allows us to do that in an eye-catching and exciting way.”

The ‘Biggest Design Poster Ever Made’ is 3-Dimensional and Interactive

Stockholm-based creative agency SNASK has created a fantastic poster for the Malmö Festival 2014—it is made up of gigantic, brightly colored, three-dimensional letters, numbers and shapes.
Instead of existing just in print and on screens, this eye-catching poster takes up an entire physical area—put together by hand, this epic design took “900 hours, 14 people, 175 liters of paint, 280 plywood boards and 10,000 nails” to complete.
In addition to appearing on the festival poster, this delightful creation will be installed at the Central Park in Malmö, where visitors will be able to climb, sit on and take pictures with the “biggest design poster ever made”.
To photograph this poster, one would have to do so from a crane, 30 meters up in the air.
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Sephora Launches ‘World-First’ 3D Augmented Reality Mirror

Beauty retailer Sephora has launched an augmented reality mirror in its Milan Store that can simulate cosmetics on a user’s face in both real-time and 3D.
Using technology from virtual makeover provider ModiFace, the mirror tracks the location of a user’s facial features and applies eye shadow colours directly via a video feed from a camera.
Through using the mirror, shoppers are able to try out different shades of cosmetics by tapping a palette on the screen and also view eye shadows from different angles as they move their heads from side to side.
“We believe ModiFace’s 3D Augmented Reality Mirror will be a breakthrough technology for our customers as they virtually try out different eye shadow shades quickly and easily,” said Antonio Ferreira de Almeida, general manager, Sephora Italy.
The move follows a number similar initiatives by beauty retailers looking to capitalise on augmented reality technology, including luxury brand Bobbi Brown, who last year used Blippar to bring its campaign to life.
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HBO Encourages Game of Thrones Fans to Scale The Wall

Game of Thrones season three has been released on DVD and Blu-ray this week, and HBO has celebrated by encouraging fans to ‘scale The Wall’.

HBO has collaborated with pioneering street artists 3D Joe and Max to create a large-scale pavement art of The Wall – a location in the show guarded by Night’s Watch against the White Walkers (essentially, snow zombies).
The 10m x 7.5m street art in London’s Bishops Square allowed fans to follow take pictures, pretending that they were Jon Snow or a wildling, climbing The Wall.
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Google Launches Project Tango to Build 3D Capable Smartphone

Google has developed early prototypes of smartphones that have the ability to sense 3D motion and geometry, and is calling on professional developers to “push the technology forward” and build user experiences on top of this platform.
The phone, which Google describes as “experimental devices intended only for the adventurous,” for now, is a five inch handset that runs Android and contains customised hardware and software designed to track the full 3D motion of the device, while simultaneously creating a map of the environment.
Google said the aim of this project, dubbed “Project Tango,” is to “give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion,” because “we are physical beings that live in a 3D world – yet our mobile devices assume that physical world ends at the boundaries of the screen”.
The sensors in the phone allow it to make over a quarter of a million 3D measurements every second, updating its position and orientation in real-time, combining the data into a single 3D model of the space around people.
The company said it has 200 prototype development kits and have allocated some devices for projects in the areas of indoor navigation and mapping, single and multiplayer games that use physical space, and new algorithms for processing sensor data.
The company said it expects to have distributed all its available units by 14 March this year.
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