Tablet automatically transfers drawings from paper to screen

Debuting at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Qualcomm’s new Ultra Sound NotePad has one of the most original concepts recently released. The Snapdragon 85 is able to transfer written notes in real ink on a notepad to a tablet screen simultaneously.
Inside the tablet are microscopic microphones that can hear ultrasonic vibrations from the digital pen. The processor then uses this data to figure out what you’re writing even if you’re not touching the screen.
Writing directly onto a touch screen is old news, yet this new product has a different focus; it enables artists, especially animators to draw in the classic medium on pen and paper without having to give a second thought to digital transfer. Users can play around with colours and effects, deleting and editing as they go. Most importantly it saves time as this industry has, until now, relied on a multi-step process to transfer designs from paper to online.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]C9w2oEWZ-mY[/youtube]
Via: psfk