Sing your heart out to win tickets to Rock in Rio 2015

‘Rock in Rio 2015′ which takes place September 18th-27th, celebrates its 30th years from the first festival in 1985 and featured among the music acts the British band Queen.
Brazilian bank Itaú, as one of Rock in Rio 2015 main sponsors wanted to celebrate the occasion, with this stunt by placing a special “karaoke box” disguised as an ATM station in the middle of a beach in Rio de Janeiro.  People curious enough to find out what an “ATM machine” equipped with a microphone and speakers was doing there, were invited to pick-up the microphone and sing the classic Queen tune ‘Love of my Life’, which was performed by the band at the festival in 1985. Those willing to sing their hearts out were then surprised with tickets for Rock in Rio 2015, bringing attention for the music festival and the bank itself.
“The intent from the bank through this beautiful stunt is to promote the culture of living the music and recognize those who create it. Once more, we invested on the ‘Love of My Life’ track to make people actively invest with this. We believe that culture is capable of changing the world that surrounds people, which is why we are sponsoring ‘Rock in Rio’.” shares Andréa Pinotti, director of Marketing at Itaú.
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Source:  PRexamples