Santander creates 'From Bus Stop to Bus Stop' to target millennials in Brazil

As part of the bank’s new general brand position, focussed around the phrase “How can we help you today?“, a new stunt, by Talent Marcel in partnership with Vice, was created to target Millennials and form a better connection between the younger audience and the bank.
Branded interactive bus-stops were installed nearby major universities in the city of Sao Paulo, which besides offering free Wi-Fi also provided other types of interactions, including cellphone chargers, karaoke stations, printing literary messages, movie tickets – provided according to the user’s mood, sports drinks, raincoats – available during rainy days, and so on.
From these activation stations, random users were invited to participate in unique experiences, which were filmed as part of the “From Bus Stop to Bus Stop” web-series and provide the content for printed ad campaign to be applied in major cities through the country a few months. So far 3 episodes have been produced including Helder who was charging his phone and was invited to be part of a party featuring different technologies, Bruno who was singing at the karaoke bus-stop, and was invited to a Laundry-Bar that featured karaoke, and Michele who received printed poetry and was invited to an Open Poetry/Music Bar.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]8saCCDQrQ9Q[/youtube]
Via: PRExamples