Route Research is two years old….

Route is two years old! Happy birthday to them….
2015 holds new opportunities for users of Route data. For starters, please see the notable updates in the next publication, R14, below.
Sample size
The Route GPS survey is ongoing. It continues to capture information about how people move about, and what they do.
The most recent year’s fieldwork will be absorbed into the next data release (‘year 6’, 2013-2014).
And to ensure that the sample reflects what people are doing in the real world, the first year of respondent data is removed, to keep the sample rolling.
The sample in the four releases that will appear over the next year will therefore be 29,808.
New counts added
In addition, R14 will see all the transport counts updated. A reference sheet on the Route website tells you all you need to know about how Route is kept up to date.
Revised geography
And it doesn’t stop there, because R14 will also see new geography included. The significance of redrawing boundaries is that populations and densities can change. You may find that an identical campaign will produce different results compared to R13 or earlier.
Have a look at the new populations page to see where cities have changed.
New locations
You will also see exterior airport frames and some new shopping centres in the data.
Data by day now approved
Reach and frequency data has been produced in day segments, allowing you to plan for a specific day or set of days.
These data have been assessed by the route technical team, and are now approved as gold standard Route currency.
If you would like to use these data, please speak to your software provider.
Any questions?
The Route website lists all of the common questions asked about the research and the data, on the FAQs page. For example…..
What happens if I specify a date?
It is possible to incorporate the effect of illumination into a campaign. Frames that are lit from above or behind, or that are digital screens, are more likely to be seen in the hours of darkness. Because the length of these hours changes across the year, we have incorporated an adjustment. So you can opt to include the ‘illumination factor’ by specifying the date of your campaign. However, the function does not alter audience estimates according to the season or time of year.
When you add new questions to the questionnaire, are they transposed onto older respondents?
A respondent can only answer the question that they have been asked themselves, so new questions can’t be transposed onto older respondents. The sample number will therefore relate to the number of people that have answered it.
When are new environments added?
Once they are produced, environments are subject to validation and approval. They are then published on set dates. The schedule for these is available in a document on our website- reach it by clicking the ‘get schedule’ button below.
Next month Route will highlight some of the changes that come with R14
And in the spirit of springtime, why not refresh your knowledge of the innovative Route method by reading James Whitmore’s latest blog on measuring digital.