Robinsons and KFC team up to celebrate Wimbledon

The KFC and Robinsons window takeover features a giant, interactive version of the arcade game Pong, which aims to engage tennis fans as they make their way to the Championships.
The restaurant window has been transformed into a touchscreen, allowing players to tap on the window to activate the game, as well as control their pong paddles using the touchscreen technology. When the game isn’t being played, the window serves as a medium to advertise the two brands side-by-side, driving awareness of Robinsons in KFC, and encouraging sales conversions.
The campaign also features a nationwide sampling tour across six major cities, as well as key London spectator stations. Customers will also have the opportunity to take part in a KFC Colonel’s Club competition to win Wimbledon Final tickets and more than100 Fitbits.
Via: Event Magazine