Reebok gives people a lift (literally)

When the Escalators Died in Stockholm’s Subway, Reebok Was There to Give People a Lift Quite literally…
Last week, when the escalators in Stockholm’s subway stations were out of order, the sportswear brand, along with agency The Viral Company, recruited a bunch of athletes from Fit 4 Life, a local CrossFit gym, to give commuters a lift.
Despite the reasonable odds that the women panting at the top of the stairs—as well as some of the people who don’t seem to mind getting slung over some rando’s shoulder—are agency employees, the idea is cute, and a nice, down-to-earth extension of Reebok’s lofty new “Be More Human” strategy. (While there’s nothing special about Good Samaritans helping solo parents carry strollers up stairs, helping a pregnant woman by actually carrying her is a little more unusual—she was, according to the agency, late for a meeting.)
Nonetheless, the ad’s everyman heroes aren’t really doing anything impressive until they’re carrying their passengers raised overhead with one arm, like this guy. And they’re obviously not truly hard core unless they have a giant tattoo of Reebok’s logo, like this woman—though she is just one of some 28 Reebok-branded humans currently known to reside in Sweden, according to a recent headcount from the company.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]rbbSx1uLLy4[/youtube]
Via: Adfreak