'Provactive' show during fashion week highlights victims of abuse

During Fashion Week, ‘The Guilty Clothes’  show was promoted using lines such as “The most provocative fashion show ever”, heavily playing on words like “erotic” and “tease”.
The invited audience sat down in anticipation, waiting for the show to start. When the models began to walk, the it quickly became apparent that the clothes weren’t erotic at all.
In fact, the models wore garments that were inspired by the clothes that victims of sexual assault wore at the time of being attacked, to portray the problem of blaming victims of sexual assault.
The Guilty Clothes project was created to show a society quick to condemn that it is not clothing that provokes rape. Victims have been returning home from work in a smart suit, running around the park in a tracksuit, or having a cup of coffee with an old friend in comfy jeans and a sweater.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Mk18sAJnV_w[/youtube]
Via: Guerilla Blog