Posterscope Taiwan launches “Clash of Clans” OOH campaign

‘Clash of Clans’, a hugely popular mobile game across the globe, was officially launched in Taiwan on September 25th. To support the launch Posterscope Taiwan created an exciting OOH campaign which aimed to build up game awareness, boost game download percentage, and help the app become the leading mobile game in Taiwan. The Clash of Clans launch campaign is recorded to be the largest in media spend of any game campaign in Taiwan OOH history.
In order to create impact, Posterscope Taiwan booked ads at Vishow Cinema and MRT Ximen Station – major shopping areas in center city of Taipei especially for the youth generation. The ads have appeared on every available space including billboards, light boxes, and pillar wraps, so all the people passing by these areas will only see the exclusive Clash of Clans advertsing.
To add further intrigue and generate greater attention, each ad was tailor-made to fit its surrrounding, and besides the key visual of the game, pedestrians can also see eye-catchy ads with three celebrities of Greater China advocating for the game.
To amplify the campaign effects, two major public transports in Taipei — MRT and buses have also been selected. Each of the four MRT’s carriages has been wrapped with different characters’. At Ximen Station, passengers may feel like they are in the game settings upon entering the station until heading for their destinations or leaving the wrapped carriages. Along with TVC and cinema CF, the OOH had the remit to get people’s attention by maximizing the share of coverage and by intensive exposure of the ads throughout the campaign period.
The campaign is ongoing and the number of users is increasing rapidly. It is expected to over deliver on the KPIs by 1,000% within two weeks.

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