Posterscope host 'The Pioneers' – An audience with Sir John Hegarty

On the morning of the 13th January, Posterscope welcomed the media community to its inaugural ‘The Pioneers’ event which to0k place at the Soho Hotel.  The guest of honour was Sir John Hegarty, Worldwide Creative Director and Founder, Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH).
Over 45 minutes, Sir John Hegarty regaled his audience dispersing wonderful insightful nuggets of wisdom taken from his book ‘HEGARTY ON CREATIVITY THERE ARE NO RULES’ about the process of creativity.  Hegarty addressed the following themes…..before concluding with question time with his audience.
‘Sitting on a beanbag doesn’t make you creative’
‘You can have great ideas anywhere’ (but the one place you won’t is in a brainstorm meeting)
‘Excuse me I’m desparate for a creative philosophy….you couldn’t possible direct me to the nearest one?’
‘OK! I’ve got the fire going…who downloaded the story?’
‘Not quite what I had in mind Fanshaw when I said we need to be more daring’
‘You won’t make my bum look big?’
‘Regarding your role as the new Bond villain, the ears will have to go!’
‘Artist fragile handle with care.  I’d like a trade in, I’ve had him 10 years and he’s completely clapped out’
‘Take the head-phones off’
‘Picasso, Dali S,  E.Munch, Rodin, Renoir – Ring for entry’
‘I can’t possibly start the meeting I’m waiting for my ego to arrive’
‘I tried being an optimist, but it’s too much like hard work’
‘I wanna your hand’ – every McCartney needs a Lennon
‘Despite appearances I am incredibly complex, sensitive and prone to prolonged bouts of introspection’
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