Posterscope Brazil win a Project Isaac Award for Zika billboard

Posterscope Brazil has won the out of home media award for their “The Mosquito Killer Billboard” at the Project Isaac Awards.
A killer out-of-home initiative that destroyed thousands of potentially harmful mosquitoes while building significant public-awareness buzz in the war against the Zika virus.
A few months ago, staffers at Dentsu Aegis shops Posterscope and NBS grew increasingly concerned that governments “were not doing much to fight the mosquitoes” that carry the virus, says Otto Frossard, strategy director at Posterscope Brazil.
So the shops took their case to the streets, installing a dozen special billboards on busy thoroughfares in neighborhoods throughout Rio de Janeiro. These signs emitted lactic acid and carbon dioxide to mimic, respectively, human perspiration and respiration, luring Aedes aegypti mosquitoes within a range of more than 1.5 miles.
Once trapped inside the billboards, the mosquitoes quickly expired from dehydration. The billboards ran for two months at the height of Brazil’s summer season, killing about 100 mosquitoes a day, and more than 30,000 of the pests overall. “The physical aspects of the OOH medium were transformed into an ingenious tool,” says Boston University marketing professor Judy Austin.
Indeed, the effort ties into a recent trend of making OOH campaigns more useful than ever. “It is increasingly necessary to be relevant to people,” says Frossard. “We need to offer something of great value” to capture people’s attention as they walk through a media-saturated landscape. Presenting consumers with an immediate tangible benefit, especially when coupled with technology, tends to drive interest and engagement exponentially, he says.
In less than 10 days, the case study uploaded to the NBS YouTube site was viewed more than 100,000 times, and news outlets around the world ranging from the BBC and CNN to Fox News and The Huffington Post ran stories about the campaign.
“That this technology is now free online for the use of any country in the world”—available under a Creative Commons License, allowing others to make mosquito-killing signage of their own—”has jaw-dropping scale and life-saving possibilities,” says BU’s Austin.
—David Gianatasio
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About the awards
In this era of constant change and innovation, to truly invent something is quite rare. But the drive to find new paths and opportunities across marketing, media and tech may be stronger than ever thanks to the indomitable spirit that infuses those worlds (the drive to find new revenue doesn’t hurt either).
That’s the underlying philosophy behind the fourth annual Adweek Project Isaac Awards, a celebration of 26 of the smartest, most inventive ideas around. Many of those ideas were adapted from existing platforms but transport the end user to experiences they could otherwise never enjoy—such as our Gravity Award winner, McCann New York (and partners), which created a virtual reality bus tour of Mars on behalf of client Lockheed Martin.
The Jury
Ed Brojerdi (chair), CEO, KBS
Cyna Alderman, Managing Director, Daily News Innovation Lab
Judy Chen, Director of Learning and Development, Mindshare North America
Scott Cullather, Founder and Global Managing Partner, INVNT
Michael Davis, Head of Creative, Conversant
Icaro Doria, Chief Creative Officer, DDB New York
Eric Franchi, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, Undertone
Robert Galluzzo, Founder, Finch
Andreas Goeldi, Chief Technology Officer, Pixability
Trevor Guthrie, Co-Founder, Giant Spoon
John Immesoete, Chief Creative Officer, Epsilon
Scott Laughlin, Co-owner and Director, LMO Advertising
Vladimir Pervozvansky, Head of Digital, DDB Russia
Humberto Polar, EVP of Creative and Chief Creative Officer, FCB Mexico
Lauren Russo, SVP, Managing Director, Audio and Promotions, Horizon Media
Ian Schafer, Founder and CEO, Deep Focus
Jason Snyder, Chief Technology Officer, Momentum Worldwide
Helayne Spivak, Director, VCU Brandcenter
John Stapleton, Chief Creative Officer, 22squared
Taylor Valentine, Chief Invention Officer, Horizon Media
Deacon Webster, Chief Creative Officer, Walrus
Dmitry Zenin, Deputy Creative Director, Innovations, DDB Russia
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