Posterscope Brazil Host OOH Day 2016 for 2016 Olympic Sponsors and Agencies

OOH Communications agency Posterscope Brazil hosted a summit – OOH Day 2016 – for the Rio 2016 Olympics sponsors (and their advertising agencies) featuring presentations from Posterscope and the major media owners in Brazil e.g. Clear Channel, JC Decaux, Otima, Eletromidia, etc.  This  would be one of the last chances for them to present the array of OOH opportunities available to the sponsors.
At the summit Posterscope Brazil introduced two new technologies that will revolutionize the relationship between brands and the public in OOH media in Brazil.  The innovations coming to the domestic OOH market are Liveposter and Viuing.
Otto Frossard, strategy director of Posterscope Brazil, explained that proprietary content management system, Liveposter, will enable a number of digital media features in Out Of Home. Among them stand out in real time and multimarket different digital media, interaction with mobile,  social media amplification, and use of data and metrics to segment the target and generate the best possible experience with the consumer. “The most important thing behind all this is the ability to customize according to each challenge that needs to be answered,” he says. Frossard believes that the ideal to get the most out of this tool is to plan together with the global development team Liveposter platform in order to reach the best solution for the brand. “We can reach a solution never before performed by the tool,” adds the executive Posterscope.
Viuing, in turn, is a new device designed to allow spectators, fans and followers to experience 100% the events and ensure that they don’t miss out on any of those great moments that will go down in history.
Based on TV technology, Viuing, a portable device similar in size to a video game control with a full HD screen,  retransmits everything that happens at the event in real time and without delays on your screen, so that you see absolutely everything. It has buttons that allow the fans to choose which camera you want to track and which sport, all in real time.
The Viuing device does not need Wi-Fi connection, 3G or 4G, as the transmission is done using radio frequency, through a partnership with an official TV station that provides the attraction/event. In addition, the device allows you to serve a series of exclusive content to the viewer, such as advertising, relevant information on the competition, event highlights and exclusive camera angles, among other possibilities that will promote a unique experience to the public, and even approaching more consumer brands. “Now we seek a partnership with one of the official TV stations that are broadcasting the Games to have your content inside Viuing,” Frossard added.