Passersby Enter The Fantastic Problem Solving machine

The Fantastic Problem Solving Machine campaign was created for the Association for Assistance to Handicapped Children by Z+ Comunicacao Brasil.
Using non traditional Out-of-Home (OOH), passersby were encouraged to enter the custom built ‘The Fantastic Problem Solving Machine’, to express their problems ranging from debt to family issues to frustrations over public transport, where their problems would be “solved immediately”.
As the participant hits the button to relieve their problems, on the screen appears children from the association spreading encouraging messages such as “For you to get better, you’re going to have to breathe” and “I don’t have to be sad. I have to be happy” and ending with the question, “Don’t you think you’re complaining about something really small?”.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Kw4PUmFCnf4[/youtube]
Via: OMA