Outperform Phase 2 examines smartphone brand action during Black Friday period

Pioneering Study Reveals Out of Home Drives Significant Uplift in Smartphone Brand Action During The Black Friday Period
In April 2016, Outsmart, the trade body for the Out of Home (OOH) industry, released a pioneering study called OutPerform. By joining forces with leading market researchers, Ipsos and OOH industry measurement body, Route, Outsmart explored how the medium performs in today’s connected world, especially with the proliferation of the smartphone.
The groundbreaking study, believed to be the biggest of its kind, investigated how public journeys can become personal stories among 16-44 year olds in the UK and more importantly, revealed that OOH activity drives +17% uplift in smartphone brand actions.
In the original study, the Black Friday period was excluded because it is an atypical event however, having now compared the Black Friday data with the overall fieldwork data, we can see that the uplift in smartphone brand actions increases even further to +36% during Black Friday week versus participants unexposed to OOH.
The categories that contributed substantially to the +36% Black Friday uplift were Retail, Technology, Finance and Entertainment.
Consumer behaviour during the Black Friday week also changed significantly with OOH driving +23% more web visits and +9% more searches compared to a control week. Furthermore, it saw +33% increase in searches or web visits that reference the brand or campaign tagline among participants exposed to compared to participants unexposed to OOH.
Tim Lumb, Insight and Effectiveness Director, Outsmart, commented “In an age of snapping, searching, sharing and shopping, OutPerform proves that OOH converts brand advertising into brand behaviour and highlights that OOH and smartphones, now more than ever, are a very powerful combination for brands to make connections with people.”
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