Outdoor Can Change the World

Posterscope hosted a workshop at AWE which discussed how ‘Outdoor Can Change the World’. The panel, chaired by Charles Vallance, chairman of VCCP, consisted of Glen Wilson, MD Posterscope, Michael Iskas, Global Chief Innovations Officer, Carat, Chris Gobby, Head of Data, EE and Theo Theodorou, GM EMEA, xAd Location Based Mobile.  
During the session Glen Wilson discussed how in the next five years half a billion pounds in revenue will shift into the OOH space.  He argued that OOH is one of the few media benefitting from the perfect storm of convergence and connected people, connected spaces and connected inventory. And that, how people behave in this OOH space and how they will be influenced by the huge technological changes, has the potential to become as powerful a communications phenomenon as that which we’ve witnessed online in recent years. Glen also discussed the impending rise of the mobile wallet, how people will be further empowered to react to and interact with content they encounter when they are out and about, the emergence of wearable tech, the importance of location based targeting, and data, and the increasingly symbiotic relationship between mobile and out-of-home.
Theo Theodorou then talked about the role of mobile and how it can be the enabler to drive interaction between physical OOH placements with digital interactions.  He discussed the need for greater education and understanding in the market around how location can be used, and how with location, mobile becomes a real-world cookie able to link OOH, the physical world, with the digital world to understand people’s behaviour and intent.  Theo also focussed on how mobile can start to provide some of the key answers to measurement, validation and ROI.
Chris Gobby continued the theme of data. For example, data showing where people shop on their mobile, which sites they visit before going to a shopping centre or sporting event, what people are doing in certain locations…and how that insight, in conjunction with other data sources, such as Route, along with the continued development of digital will really drive a step change in the way OOH is planned and optimised, and ultimately invested in. He concluded the mix of OOH, mobile and data will be the driving force behind increased revenue in the OOH industry.
Michael Iskas then took the floor with his view on what the OOH industry needs to do in order to generate the additional half billion revenue mooted. Michael focused on the need for innovation to change clients’ perception of the medium and what it can do for their businesses. He discussed the speed of culture and the speed of commerce, the need for real-time / right-time to deliver content that is relevant at the given moment to the given person in order to deliver increased equality metrics, and in particular the technological infrastructure, such as a real-time bidding platform (accessible to any company of any size) required to deliver this.
The workshop concluded with a Q&A session.
To hear the full session click here