ooVooTique lets extroverts exchange friends for products

This innovative pop-up stunt by ooVooTique boutique, wouldn’t take cash or credit but accepted payment in the form of friends.

ooVoo, an innovator in the realm of high-resolution video chat and instant messaging, set up the pop-up shop in Austin with an interesting twist.
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The more friends you encouraged to sign up for the app, the closer you could come to accessing some of the more impressive items, like the Hundred Grand bar that required 100,000 friends.
The focus of the campaign was to support their high-quality service with a marketing effort to match. Their marketing strategy has recently begun to focus more on their target market, one that skews toward the collegial age, by hiring brand ambassadors and running experiential campaigns that can quickly generate excitement and leverage their broad networks. College students are cash-poor, but friend-rich.
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Source: psfk