OOH flashback: What billboards looked like 30 years ago

The 80’s was the era of Reaganomics and a bullish economy amid Cold War fears. Where technology purchases included high-tech gadgets like VCRs, compact discs and the latest video gaming console — Nintendo. Microsoft also released the first version of Windows.
In entertainment, Amadeus took the Best Picture Oscar, WrestleMania debuted at Madison Square Garden, and Back to the Future was the highest grossing film of the year. The biggest charity concert of its kind, Live Aid, and the “We Are the World” single, raised hundreds of millions of dollars for African famine relief.
So, what about billboards? Clear Channel Outdoor has unearthed some ads from 1985 to show you what out-of-home looked like 30 years ago. Check it out, and enjoy this journey back in time:
posters from the 80s
Source: iHeartbillboards