Adgates Now Included in Route

The new Route release for the rail environment is particularly exciting for a number of reasons. Not only does the research study of 28,000 people offer a unique insight into travel patterns, but in doing so provides key information about the advertising formats that commuters see.
Previous questionnaire-based research has delved into demographics and provided useful information about consumer habits, but never before has there been such a comprehensive survey to measure the actual behaviour of the rail audience. This new approach combines GPS, passenger data, observational research and recall work. This is then analysed to form a unique model that that provides audience estimates using passenger journey information.
The new data is good news for planners, as all rail media can now be accurately compared when planning campaigns. Much like radio and TV, rail media can now deliver accurate target audience information. Route provides insight into both demographics and lifestyle, such as who they are, what they like and how they behave. According to Route, AdGates deliver 61% 25-44 year olds and 83% ABC1s. It also says that 69% are home owners and 89% subscribe to paid TV.
While T4media’s previous measurement figures focused on the number of ticket transactions, the new Route data ensures that all commuters that see the AdGates are counted, providing a much more accurate representation of the audience. Route says that advertising on AdGates at all London Termini stations will achieve 122,797,700 impacts every 2 weeks, with each person seeing individual banks of gates an average of 46 times.
The research measures the flow of people through stations, where they stop and what they see on their way to and from a platform. With over 50,000 alternative ways to pass through London Victoria for example, it takes a multi-dimensional system to analyse the data and make it easy to use. With so many variations in the path that each commuter can take, the single common place that every person taking a train filters through is an AdGate ticket gateway. This unmissable media communicates with commuters 100% head on and directly in their line of sight – they physically engage with the AdGate and the advertising while swiping or inserting their ticket.
With all of this new detailed audience information advertisers have the ability to prompt an impulse buy on the way into work, or target commuters on their way home when they have time to conduct personal research using a smart ‘phone or tablet. With a huge 75% of the people going through Cannon Street travelling to work by train, eye-catching and impactful creative is needed to grab the attention of these commuters as they pass through the station. The beauty of AdGates is the ability to tell a story using multiple creatives in a solus environment as well as amplifying the message with other OOH formats.
Route is fast proving that rail media is an essential part of any communications plan that is targeted at commuters. This is backed up by The Outdoor Media Centre with its new value proposition, Outdoor5. It confirms that OOH targets the ‘perfect kind of audience’ that is young, urban, mobile, affluent and connected. It communicates with people whilst they are in the ‘active space’ and are more alert and receptive to buying the products they see. Outdoor works as an amplification medium triggering more online searches than any other media and creates impressions that last.
Via: OMC