A New Perspective on ROI in OOH

The Outdoor Media Centre recently hosted an informative session on the drivers of Return on Investment in media, highlighting the importance of branding and reach to long term brand equity. Les Binet of Adam & Eve/DDB outlined a thorough perspective on ad effectiveness and where OOH fits in, based on his latest IPA publication, The Long and The Short of It. He highlighted a very different effect between Long Term Branding and Short Term Activation. We would agree with the need to value Long Term branding more as it does contribute more fully to sales effects over time.  Some clear conclusions emerged:
1. Longer term advertising delivers better payback; but ideally you need a combination of both
2. OOH and TV excel at brand building and stand apart from other channels
3. The best way to drive fame and saliency is reach. Reach is even more important than loyalty in driving sales and profitability. “Using OOH doubles the chance of achieving brand fame and therefore sales and profitability”
4. Emotional messages prime our decision-making
The work sits comfortably alongside the latest ROI data released by JCDecaux around its Tesco Smartscreen launch (significant effects of digital POS activity, particularly by daypart and if animated) work presented at the OMC Outdoor Works conference in 2013 and the recent impact of innovation activity for Pepsi, PS4 and others driving enhanced digital brand engagement.
Via: Outdoor Media Centre