Nescafé brought strangers together with a cup of coffee

Nescafe took to the streets to see how many pedestrians they could make into friends with just the help of a cup of coffee.
The following video shows pedestrians who pressed what they initially thought was traffic signal button but it was actually a hidden coffee machine equipped with cameras, displays and a mysterious button asking them to ‘push together’. The machines were linked to pedestrians on either side of the crossing, rewarding them for pushing together with a warm cup of coffee.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]s6liGluRidA[/youtube]
The stunt took place in Berlin, a cities synonymous with battling to bring people together and causing many pedestrians to engage in conversations that they would otherwise never of had. The stunt generated a reported 33 high fives, 285 waves, 839 smiles and ‘countless’ conversations in one day.
Source: PR Examples