Mosquito Killing Billboard scoops Best Use of Outdoor in the 2016 Global awards

At this years Global Awards, which took place earlier this month in New York,  Posterscope Brazil and creative agency NBS were winners in the ‘Best Use of Outdoor’ category with the Mosquito Killing billboard.
The billboard, which not only raised awareness of the disease, also killed thousands of mosquitos at the same time using an ingenious device which released an airborne solution which replicates human sweat, attracting the Aedes Aegypti mosquitos from up to 4km away.
Once the mosquitos arrived a powerful fluorescent bulb combined with a fan then drew the insects in before finally catching them on the large white sticky billboard.
The customized panels were positioned accordingly to the number of Zika and dengue outbreaks in the area.
What made the invention even more potent was that anyone anywhere could replicate it as all the technology and settings information was available online under a Creative Commons Non Commercial-Attribution-No Derivatives 4.0 International.
About the awards
The awards, now in their 22nd year are one of the world’s most coveted healthcare and wellness advertising awards. Their mission is to lift the perception of creativity above clever headlines and smart design. The awards want to explore the feelings and emotions shared between the creator of a message and its recipient—an achievement that transcends the barriers of distance, language and culture.

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