McDonald's Stockholm Lets Young People Use Cans as Currency for Food

A new initiative created by DDB Stockholm for McDonald’s lets young people pay for their McDonald’s meal with discarded cans as currency.
In summer, when spending time at outdoor parks and music festivals are eminent, trash also tends to be a problem. Young people are also often short of cash.
McDonald’s has reconciled the two insights to create ‘jobs’ that engage youth to pick up cans for recycling, and in doing so, get a free meal.
One billboard in Stockholm was turned into a trash bag dispenser that distributed trash bags for litter collection. On each bag was printed the ‘exchange rate’ of what certain McDonald’s menu items were worth.
A recycled can is worth 1 Krona (approximately $ 0.14). Ten cans could be exchanged for a hamburger, 20 cans for a cheeseburger, and 40 cans for a Big Mac.
This idea not only gives youth an incentive to pick up litter, but also results in a cleaner environment for all. It will be adopted at other festivals this year and the next.
Via: Design Taxi