McDonald’s creates flying car in drive thru stunt

McDonald’s has appeared to make a car fly through one of its drive thru outlets, in a stunt devised to promote its Good Times campaign.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]z1WLgWMLgSE[/youtube]
The activity targeted a number of families driving through a McDonald’s car park in south west London to order their meals. As they went to pay, staff informed them that their bills had already been picked up by a mystery benefactor who was driving in front of them in the queue.
Once their interest was piqued, the car appeared to take off and fly through the air.
Sav Evangelou, executive creative director at The Marketing Store, said: “We were passionate that in order to communicate ‘good times’, we had to observe families in real life and to literally suspend reality for an instant in order to capture contagious, unadulterated, visceral, happy reactions of kids with their families.
Source: Event Magazine