Macmillan Use Lenticular Posters in a Media First for Publishers

To celebrate the launch of Peter James’ new novel ‘Want You Dead’, Posterscope and Total Media have produced an innovative lenticular campaign designed to create interest and intrigue around the new book release.
In a media first for a publisher, a series of lenticular flip-posters for 4-sheets, developed by Posterscope’s Hyperspace division, will feature in Brighton station, King’s Cross, Clapham Junction and London Bridge.
The creative brings to life the pyromaniac nature of one of the book’s characters, displaying a normal-looking house from one angle and then showing it on fire from another.
The ads have been placed in train stations as the train environment was found to be key for reaching the target audience. Moreover, there has been a special emphasis on placement in Brighton as the novel is set there and the author hails from the city too. Placement in Brighton commemorates the local talent, while the customisations posted in London termini stations that offer routes to Brighton reinforce the links with the city.
This activity, planned by Total Media and booked by Posterscope for Pan Macmillan, is running on rail OOH sites for two weeks in June.
Lemeece Shepherd, Total Media: We are excited to be using lenticular technology for this campaign. The way the creative works means it’s a great vehicle to really make the storyline come alive and a wonderful way to pique the audience’s interest. The finished product will deliver something new and different for audiences and make the campaign stand out against its competitors.”