L’Oréal Shows Power of Waterproof Mascara In Movie Theatre

What’s the best way to test the resistance of your new waterproof mascara as a product? L’Oréal Paris thought of turning their target audience slightly emotional to test the results!
L’Oréal along with McCann México has decided to try their new waterproof mascara to 100 women, in order to see in action whether their new product is really effective when it comes to water resistance. Thus, they decided to make them cry, but in a more entertaining way! They invited 100 women to the cinema doing their makeup with the new waterproof mascaras, also taking a photo from each one of them with their new look. After their makeup, they were invited to watch a movie, “the romantic story of an impossible love, an impossible love in a ship that sinks after hitting an iceberg” (guess the movie), waiting to check the mascara’s resistance to the water.
According to the ad, the movie lasted 195 minutes, while 162 minutes included tears from the female audience. By the time the movie ended, the female target group was taken another photo, as a way to create a before-and-after photo comparing the results of their makeup changes. To L’Oréal’s satisfaction, most of the women were still beautiful with their waterproof mascara on, feeling free to express themselves, even at their most emotional moments, without thinking of the effects on their makeup.
L’Oréal managed to create a different campaign for the promotion of their new product line, inviting women to the cinema hall, doing their makeup and letting them enjoy one of the most popular movies of the past decades. You might have noticed that despite the obvious reference to Titanic, the title of the movie was not mentioned in the ad, which created an intriguing element, with users smiling when realising that they immediately recognise the movie from the description.

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LOréal Shows Power of Waterproof Mascara In Movie Theatre Guerrilla Marketing Photo
However, other users found the ad slightly exaggerating, from the number of the 162 minutes of tears, to the effect of the movie on all women (as a generalisation), although it is assumed that L’Oréal and McCann México were fine both with exaggeration and generalisation, as a way to enhance the message of the ad. After all, what they wanted was to differentiate themselves from other similar ads, by not trying to tell us about the effectiveness of the mascara, but actually showing us. And that’s what they did!
Video here:
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Via: Creative Guerrilla Marketing