London City Airport Launch City Traveller Network

Part of the Wildstone designed City Suite portfolio of digital sites, City Traveller has launched today (8th February).
Comprising of 12 x 75 Samsung Hi Bright screens housed in bespoke structures that champion UK industry and design.
“Working with Wildstone we have created a portfolio of sites that are designed to complement the industrial heritage of our unique location in London. Combined with the Samsung Hi Bright screens and locations that cannot be missed, this is the first phase in our deployment of digital media outside of the terminal itself” comments Sally Emms, Head of Media Sales, London City Airport.
City Icon will be launched in April and provides a dominant focus at the terminal front. Building on the design theme on a much grander scale and incorporating two 3m x 6m LED screens.
The final addition will be the City Welcome site which includes a 10m x 3m LED screen set amongst a living wall and bespoke lighting scheme at the entrance to the airport and Private Jet Centre.
Souce: Outsmart