Lennox's "Degrees of Perfect"

Lennox, maker of heating and air conditioning products, has rolled out a short film called ‘Degrees of Perfect.’ Created by GSD&M and production company A’shop Crew, the video features five different murals that were made by five street artists. Each artist used thermochromic paint in their murals, a paint that becomes colorless when exposed to heat. When heated air from Lennox systems is applied to the murals, the thermochromic layer disappears, revealing another mural underneath. According to the agency, to create each mural, “each artist was briefed on their respective theme/Lennox pillar: clean air, solar power, intelligence, quiet systems and balance. From there, the artists set out on their own to interpret the theme, create an idea and design a two-part visual story using their individual style and inspiration.”
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]d3a1zIVhTPQ[/youtube]
Via: The Drum