JetBlue surprises New York commuters at Jamaica station with a little bit of the Caribbean in Queens

In the harsh winter months, commuting is the last thing New Yorkers, or anyone for that matter, wants to do.
JetBlue, known for giving unexpected surprises to travelers, came up with a clever way to treat New York commuters with tickets to Jamaica. After teaming up with agency Rokkan and the Jamaica Tourist Board, the airline fittingly set up a piece of the Caribbean island at Jamaica Station in Queens, New York.
The activation featured a sandy beach floor, live music, and two hosts who invited passersby to unwind and gave away 15 plane fares. The catch? If offered a ticket, travelers had to give up their train tickets and hop on a plane that day.
Brian Carley, Rokkan chief creative officer, got the idea while commuting to his own office. He noticed a number of travel ads to tropical places and wanted to make them come alive.
“We wanted to take that idea of a poster and bring it to life and actually give people a chance to stop and warm up a little bit on the cold train platforms at Jamaica and just do something nice and fun, but make it exciting and talk about Jamaica in a more meaningful way,” he said.
JetBlue filmed travelers’ responses and used them to craft its latest video (below).
“New Yorkers can be kind of savvy to these sorts of things, especially if they are regular commuters, so we were genuinely surprised by how many really authentic and surprising experiences we were able to capture,” said Billy Veasey, a creative director at Rokkan. Some people jumped up and down, some danced, some cried, but everyone was definitely delighted and surprised—something JetBlue strives to do with most of its stunts.

Via: Ad Week