JetBlue and Coca-Cola encourage people to share a little liquid humanity

The Share a Coke with Humanity campaign, a collaboration between JetBlue and Coca-Cola, aims to hearten people to share a little humanity and foster happiness.
The middle of New York’s Penn Station, a busy station filled with strangers, was the ideal location to set up a Coca-Cola vending machine for the day. There were about 150 different transactions and all of those came with something extra—an extra bottle of Coke.
Buyers were surprised upon hearing another bottle rolling down the machine. Once they got the bottle, they knew what had to be done. On the LCD screen of the vending machine, it said Share A Coke with Anybody and this is exactly what people did.
Hidden cameras documented the person’s reaction upon receiving another bottle as well as keeping track of how this person determines to give or not to give. Approximately 70 percent of the subjects shared their extra bottle of Coke with someone else.
Lucky winners were rewarded round-trip travel certificates courtesy of JetBlue’s services. The majority of the consumers was surprised and even got teary-eyed after realizing that good deeds are still rewarded.
“Good things come to those who share” were words boldly printed on the travel certificates. Let us all keep this in mind and do our part in restoring faith in humanity, even in the toughest of times”. JetBlue
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Source: psfk