JCDecaux Launches MyLondon

JCDecaux, the world’s largest Outdoor advertising company, launches its MyLondon panel with 5,000 respondents as well as a location-based behaviour application. Following its recent award of the TfL bus shelter advertising contract, the company is investing in new data solutions that will deliver new insight into the urban audience.
People living and working in London differ to the rest of Britain when it comes to media behaviour and opinions which is why JCDecaux has launched a dedicated London panel to help advertisers and agencies gain valuable insight into the distinct London audience.
The new panel is run by ResearchBods and allows clients to ask opted-in respondents questions via a website or the dedicated app and receive feedback within hours. Additionally, MyLondon runs surveys, polls and diaries across the year.
Respondents can also be asked questions whilst they are in specific locations. For example, MyLondon allows JCDecaux to geo-fence an area and only respondents that fit specific demographics and are in that location receive the survey questions. ResearchBods add-on app ‘Kamino’ furthermore allows JCDecaux to get insight into opted-in respondents’ movements and their app and mobile web behaviour.
In addition to the survey questions, the add-on app ‘Kamino’ prevents respondents bias by passively recording respondents’ movements. For example, ResearchBods found that 38% of Londoners spent up to 1.5 hours per day longer on apps than they claimed in a survey and a whopping 83% couldn’t identify their top 3 most used apps.
MyLondon covers both the central 33 boroughs as well as ‘Greater Greater London’ which covers people who visit London to either work or shop but don’t necessarily live within the traditional boundaries.
Chris Felton, Head of Agency Marketing at JCDecaux said: “The launch of MyLondon is part of JCDecaux’s wider commitment to further bolster its data sets and audience insight. We know that Londoners behave and think differently compared to the rest of the UK. MyLondon will give us unique new insight and combined with the location-based app, this is a powerful targeted insight tool for brands and agencies to find out more about a hard-to-reach urban audience.”
MyLondon joins JCDecaux’s existing panels MyShop and MyCommute which are part of the MyConnections suite of data solutions. MyShop is run by ResearchBods and includes 2,000 mall shoppers whereas MyCommute includes 2,000 London rail commuters and is run by OnDevice Research.
Via: JCDecuax